the American Winter

the American Winter


The American Winter is a alternative rock trio with powerful lead vocals, haunting melodies, lean harmonies, dynamic mood swings and interesting time changes. A song-driven band that is at it's best LIVE!... with a well-balanced sound, hints of psychedelia, and enough soul to blow the roof off.


The American Winter is in a class all it's own. Rarely compared to other bands, the most often heard remark is, "You guys definitely have your own sound... it's a great blend of everything."
Nothing else sets you apart from the rest of the pack like originality... especially if begins with honest and passionate songwriting about one's self.


The Old Gypsy Curse EP

1. Quicksand
2. I've Come a Long Way
3. After the Show
4. The Choke
5. Day Before Yesterday

Set List

Our set list consists of 17 originals and we are learning these 10 covers:

Electric Flag---Wine
Gnarls Barkly---Crazy
Cure---Boys Dont Cry
Nirvana---LOUNGE ACT
Leo Sayer---You make me feel like dancing
Frankie Vallie---Cant Take My Eyes
Violent Femmes---Add It Up
Elvin Bishop---Fooled Around and Fell in Fell
Five Stairsteps--- Ooh-oo Child