the American Winter
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the American Winter

Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Amazing band"

I have to say, I really love Charles' voice. Its so free and natural. I love to hear natural singers. His spirit shines through his music and it a great thing to possess. I hope they keep up their amazing work! I'll be listening!
-=Amethyste - ARSelect

"A jewel of a band"

The American Winter does excellent work! They have a great style driven by Charles' smooth and heart felt voice! Their music is the type of music that anyone can enjoy, no matter what genre they prefer! I thank them for sharing their talent with the world!
-Jennifer R. - Tug O War

"the American Winter's new songs"

I LOVE their new tracks! Very raw, intense, lilting, haunted, wintry -I think they sound amazing un-mixed and un-mastered. They sound beautiful, raw, and filled with an energy that transmits right through and raises my's priceless. great work!
- Heather (The SOSJ Project) - SOSJ Project

"Great live band"

I caught one of the bands live shows in Northern California and they blew my mind!! The most original and powerful music Ive seen in a long time. Singer has an AMAZING voice!
-Helena - Decombobulea

"I love this band"

I love this band... loud, raucous, intelligent and fun... and their quieter, acoustic songs are beyond beauty... inspiring emotional imagery through their unique and personal lyric writing .
-Abbigale Von Medder - Mystic

"about the American Winter"

I like Charles' songs, voice and messages very much. Although the bands tracks are unprocessed, they still posses a wonderful raw power. Charles' voice has a heartbreaking quality that moves me. "I' m safe" and "After the show" are my favorites.Keep on doing what you do, go reach people's hearts, as you reached ours!
Expert Medicine (ROME) - Expert Medicine


The Old Gypsy Curse EP

1. Quicksand
2. I've Come a Long Way
3. After the Show
4. The Choke
5. Day Before Yesterday



The American Winter is in a class all it's own. Rarely compared to other bands, the most often heard remark is, "You guys definitely have your own sound... it's a great blend of everything."
Nothing else sets you apart from the rest of the pack like originality... especially if begins with honest and passionate songwriting about one's self.