the american years

the american years


After nearly three weeks at the top of the charts The American Years are now available for booking for all four '07 seasons. References from club-owners who can attest to the band's ability to draw crowds in the hundreds are available upon request.


The American Years was formed in 2004 by Micah Joel and Aaron Schauer. The duo was joined by Jeff Carson in 2005 and Miguel Gamboa in 2006.
Within two short years the band has progressed from playing to audiences of 15 to packing venues with hundreds of sweaty kids. The American Years dedication to creating unforgettable live shows has quickly gained them the reputation as one of the nation's best live acts.
The band cites influences such as The Police, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Jeff Buckley, The Pixies, and U2 among others.
Since the formation of The American Years, the band has become known for their impressive live shows. They are impressive not only for their outstanding musicianship, but also for their dynamic stage presence, their intimate rapport with the audience, and in their dedication to overall presentation.


Can't Relax- 2007

The Spare Room Session EP- 2004-2006

Set List

Rock/Pop: Can perform Full volume loud rock show/
Unplugged acoustic show/
(can perform 45 minute set up to
4 hour mega set at venue's request)

1. Cross* (rocker)

2. Lost and Found * (fast rocker)

3. Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones)

4. Emily* (funky rocker)

5. With or Without You (U2)

6. Butterfly Can Erase* (mid-tempo pop-rock)

7. Live and Let Live* (mid-tempo rocker)

8. Night Dancer* (ballad)

9. Silhouette* (ballad)

10. Reasons to Wait* (alt. rock)

11. Valentine* (pop/rock)

12. Wait* ( acoustic panty dropper)

13. Just to Easy* (3 minute pop confection)

14. Into You* (Fast Jam Rocker)

15. How to Fight Loneliness (Wilco)

16. Angel I* (Ballad/panty dropper)

17. Somewhere Only We Know(Keane)

18. Song for the Dumped(Ben Folds Five)

19. So Lonely(The Police)

20. Mad World(Tears For Fears)

21. One Million Miles