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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Performance Review"

There’s just something about The Americas that makes me grin like a shit-eating idiot every time I catch their set. It’s always been this way. Mainstays of Chico’s indie rock scene, the duo of Travis Wuerthner and Casey Deitz have really come up with an intriguing and visceral musical formula. While Wuerthner’s dynamic guitar playing and hyperactive, rapidly-spat vocals provide appropriate and captivating sound-washes and narratives, it’s at times difficult to divert attention from Deitz and his noteworthy skills behind the drum kit. His approach is as inventive as it is mind-boggling. Casey has a knack for injecting every song with an album’s worth of rhythmic satisfaction, and in doing so, really pushes The Americas’ music past prog-indie, into rock’s new math. We’re talking base eight shit here. Not to belabor the point, but Deitz’s rare mistakes are even impressive — for instance, during “Siam Brass Knuckles,” he dropped a stick, which only revealed the full, concise kick drum patterns nestled beneath his ride and tom beats. Theirs is a case where complexity doesn’t take away from the power of their music; you gotta see it to believe it. It’s a good thing.
- Synthesis Weekly

"Artist Bio"

Though The Americas have a couple of spiffy demo EPs that showcase their schizoid sound adequately, it’s in the live setting--where you can watch exactly how the sounds are made--that you see that the duo is like no other band. - Chico News & Review


Rinds of Glory EP: 2002
Statuette EP: 2004
Jollaluyah! EP: 2007
Sweet Release LP: coming 2010



Upon forming in the Northern California college town of Chico, the 2 members of The Americas, still teenagers and both heavily influenced by the local indie explosion of the mid 90's (Deathstar, Land of the Wee Beasties, PEE, A Minor Forest), sought to expand on their already established pedigree for exuberant pop (as showcased in previous bands Either and Micro Magnesia) and forge a new sound. With stunning dynamics, pensive melodicism, and a knack for clever songcraft, The Americas became an instant live attraction and their visceral live sets were often characterized by lots of sweat, piercing volumes, and general controlled mayhem.

Since bursting out in early 2001, The Americas have recorded 3 self released EP's, embarked on seven self-promoted west coast tours, and two national tours, and feel right at home sharing stages with bands like Built To Spill, Make Believe, Monotonix, Tera Melos, The Fall of Troy, The Advantage, The Catheters, Engine Down, Experimental Dental School, 31 Knots, The Swords Project, The Helio Sequence, The Velvet Teen and many others.

Drummer Casey Deitz also plays drums in The Velvet Teen.