The Amicable Splits

The Amicable Splits


Born of Artistic Frustration, Boredom, and Love of Music...A strange, sometimes morbid, yet always playful mixture of odd timing, unusual chord structures, funky bass lines, and abstract lyricism....with the occasional mutilation of obscure covers from historic rock icons..


Formed in the Fall of 2007...Began Gigging/Recording in December 2007...New Bassist/Recordings in the Spring of 2008!! We are like a Peaceful Atom Bomb! That is all you will be told for now!


The Purple Fetish

Written By: Leya Thomas

...You always was dead!...[Complete Lyrics coming soon...]

Lord Of Nerves

Written By: Leya Thomas

I think I was
The story of
I used to know...
oh, Pele!
I think it was
Too much trouble
For just one kiss
You know you
Were just a girl
Just a lamb
Way back then
You know they
fell for you
and so did he
Just like them!
Say what you like
(and a bunch of gibberish in between)


Singles Include:
"The Purple Fetish"
"Mean Mister Mustard (Beatles Burial Cover)"
LP Release Soon!! (currently Mixing Raw Trax)

Live Video Performances:
Toad Tavern 12/20/2007

Coming Soon:
Cricket On The Hill (Live) EP
Evil Bunny EP

Set List

--Skit Improv Intro MC--
"Tapioca Tundra (Monkee See, Monkee Do...Cover)"
"The Purple Fetish"
"Scales Of Mars"
"Lord Of Nerves"
"Mean Mister Mustard (Beatles Burial Cover)"
"Sudden Death"
--Improv Intermission Announcement--
"Empathy Is The Enemy"
"Black Tie"
"Positively 4th Street ($200.00 Bob Dylan Concert Cover)"
"Spider-like Clockwork"
"When I Was In The Circus"
"Friggin, Nevada"
"Sara & Tara"

More to come...

Typical Set Time: 30-45 minutes