The Amigos

The Amigos


Two friends from Calgary, AB write songs to get / get over girls.


The Amigos are Zac Link and Vic Wu, and they are actually friends in real life.


Girls in History

Written By: Zac

There was a time back in history
When I didn’t care so much about girls
I didn’t care so much about girls
And incidentally, that was when my mind was free
When I didn’t care so much about girls
I didn’t care so much about girls
And I feel that when I do
I’ll bucket up trying to be true
For some reason it feels right
To speak my mind to the girl I like
There was a time in recent history
When I didn’t care so much about girls
They didn’t care so much about me
Then to a new degree somewhat irrationally
I just cared so much for one girl
I cared so much for that girl.


Written By: Vic

Looking back it was the perfect place to meet you
In the cold and dark surrounded by the sea
I should’ve known to play along with your advances
But instead I let my shallowness take the lead

But I didn’t figure out until the ship had sailed away from me
And I couldn’t save myself from drowning in the sea

I swear that at the time you weren’t the girl I see now
In my thoughts I had your sister in your place
And even as we danced my mind was indecisive
So my nerves did not react to your embrace.


Written By: Zac

Didn’t ask her, ‘cause I missed her
Got her number from my sister
And I wonder if that qualifies as obvious
And the door’s locked to the bathroom
So I took her to the next room
It seemed more honest, it seemed less obvious

And I’m so obvious that I can’t take her as a friend
I can’t take her as a friend so obvious
I’m so careful that I’m caring girls away
And I’m scaring girls away when I’m honest

And I use her like a mirror
See my good side when I’m near her
But she’s quiet now and I can’t see at all
She’s a nice girl and I like her
But sometimes I’m just so down
‘Cause when I’m obvious she makes it obvious.

Friends and Lovers

Written By: Vic

This doesn’t seem like the right way,
I start out acting like a gentleman but you want a nass tonight
I just want to sing you a love song
Instead of pretending that you’re a piece of meat oh someone tell me I’m right

And the difference between friends and lovers is beyond me,
And this is why I’ll always be alone
And I’ve been thinking too much about it,
And this is why I’ll always be alone

I’m finding it so hard to start
A conversation without lucking out no matter how much I plan
I can’t remember the last time I had
The kind of interaction where I didn’t give a damn to what you thought.


Written By: Vic

Every moment that I’m close to you
None of the words that I rehearsed come through
What happened to those years of practice?
So instead I just stare in your eyes
And hope that all my thoughts built up inside
Get through to you by concentration

I think, no, I know, you’re messing with my heart
But still don’t go ‘cause it hurts more when you’re gone
I think, no, I know, you’re messing with my heart
I can tell I’m going to go insane
With fantasies of standing in the rain
‘Cause I’ve got nothing else to dwell on
I trick myself into believing that
The number of my jokes that you laugh at
Goes hand in hand with your attraction.


Hot Dogma EP (2011), The Amigos LP (2012)

Set List

We play any or all of our original songs in a random order,and some covers if we still have time.

1. Obvious
2. Girls in History
3. Face
4. Friends and Lovers
5. San Francisco City Teen
6. Ba Ba Ba
7. Calgary Cold Airport
8. Glacier
9. Tony Bennett
10. Malaise
11. Green Eyes