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"Moving From The Porch To The Iron Horse"

In April 2004 guitarist Erik Alan, with bass player Steve Gerst and a dog in tow, drove to Amherst from Lansing, Mi to visit a friend at the University of Massachusetts. Once in town, Alan found his way to an open mic session at The Black Sheep Deli hosted by Levin Schwartz and his band, Few and Far between. Alan joined in and the session went well. So well, in fact, that he ended up going back to Schwart's place in Amherst to keep playing.
And playing.
Before they knew it they had a new band....

See full article at - The Daily Hampshire Gazette

"Makin The Bacon"

Meanwhile, as chronicled in this column almost a year ago today, Amherst's The Amity Front ( has a might fine disc out called Highway Bound. Perhaps taking its cue from that title, the five-piece prich rockers hit the road in February on a mini-tour that has already taken them as west as Michigan and south as the Carolinas. This Thursday, March 29 will mark TAF's official homecoming. It's also the first time they'll headline Northampton's famed, Iron Horse Music Hall. - The Valley Advocate (Arts Weekly)

"Our Favorite Things"

My favorite record in 2006: The Amity Front's, Highway Bound.

Listening to this album is very onomatopoetic. Stay with me here: When Erik sings of how secluded the Green Mountain rainstorm fog can make you feel in, "Suzie," I can be in the middle of Woodstar Cafe in Northampton and still go right there with him, making that blind turn on the road high up in Vermont somewhere.
--Kelsey Flynn DJ on WRSI 93.9 -

"The Amity Front: Putting on The Blues"

The Amity Front, a blues-based roots band issue a fascinating 2006 debut album, Highway Bound, and could be considered a band on the rise with a sound that is uniquely their own.

We caught up with the band before their show at The Middle Earth Music Hall and asked what its members have learned since the release of the record.

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"Album Review: Highway Bound, The Amity Front"

Recorded live in three days at the closed down Windham Hotel in Bellows Falls, Vt., Highway Bound will undoubtedly remind listeners of a legendary band from The Amity Front's neighbors to the North--that band being, of course, The Band. Featuring acoustic guitars, mandolin, accordion, piano, Hammond B-3 Organ as well as three lead vocalists, The Amity Front doesn't stray too far from The Band's formula. Despite the similarities, Highway Bound can proudly claim some great folk rock songs, most noticeably the opening track, "Song For Suzie." - American Songwriter Magazine


Highway Bound (2006)
Border Towns (2008)



"The Amity Front is a band that has wrestled Americana/Roots music to the ground and bent it to it's will." -The Greenfield Recorder

Music should compel you - rock your mind and get your fingers snapping. The Amity Front has that power and exercises it every time it gets on stage. The band’s hip swaggering, finger picking, Americana inspired music is an aural journey from the roots to modern rock relevance. Moving forward, exploring genres and constantly pushing in new, innovative directions, The Amity Front demonstrates amazing growth - growth that few bands have so early in their careers. Armed with the understanding that music is its art form, TAF is on the move. A band meant for the road - the live shows define The Amity Front: energetic, exhilarating, bracing and heady.

Not only does The Amity Front's music bring you back to the origins of rock'n'roll, its story does too. It’s a story of chance connections from Detroit to rural Massachusetts: a group of musicians playing in a bar when a kid floated into the jam session in a whirlwind of cigarette smoke and silent excitement, blowing everyone away with a voice straight out of an old 12-inch. Erik Alan’s journey in search of his musical bliss culminated in his chance encounter with Levin Schwartz and Max Adam, birthing The Amity Front.

Out of the love and appreciation for musicians playing good music came The Amity Front. The band's first record, Highway Bound found incredible success in its hometown of Northampton, MA and throughout the Northeast. The band toured relentlessly behind the release, highwaying as far south as the Carolinas and as far west as Erik’s home town of Birmingham, MI. Energized by the response to Highway Bound, the band has propeled itself to the next level with the release of Border Towns. Musician, Levin Schwartz, talking about the upcoming release of Border Towns, said, "I hope that people can relate to the sentiments and stories found in the songs. I hope that they appreciate the musicianship on the album. I hope that they hear a song that helps them identify with themselves. Because we do."

Border Towns is a rare gem with a sound that is both forward-reaching and traditionally rooted. It was recorded in-studio with the band playing live in order to capture the excitement and frenetic energy of its live shows. Thanks in part to this method of recording, their faithful producer David "Goody" Goodrich and the band’s musical maturity over the past few years, the sound is compelling and convincing. The Amity Front has managed to maintain its Americana roots and integrate and infuse every song with a blast of rock -- the likes of which is staple in their live performances . Levin adds, "This record is a true collective effort of performance, composition, and pre and post production of the songs. We have really honed in on a group sound that is larger than the sum of the parts and very representative our our live show—that was really important to us on this record—to make it sound how we are when we play live. The first
album was great for its spontaneity and vibe, but we now work with a different palate of sounds. In many ways I consider this another debut album."

The Amity Front are:
Erik Alan from Birmingham, MI on lead & harmony vocals and guitar.
Levin Schwartz from Southwick, MA on guitars, mandolin, lead & harmony vocals.
Lyon Graulty from W. Stockbridge, MA on clarinet, harmonica, slide guitar, lead & harmony vocals.
Max Adam from Brattleboro, VT on double and electric bass.
Pete Van Dyck from Greenfield, MA percussionist and drummer.

The Amity Front is THAT band - you know the one - the band that will appeal to
you, your hipster neighbor, your mom and dad, and that English teacher who
you are sure is a backyard lush. You might not experience a swing-along at
a live show anymore, but you'll most certainly be caught up in a rock-out sing along.
See The Amity Front live, listen to the records, don't be the last to know.