The Amnesiacs

The Amnesiacs


Eclectic blend of freak folk and elliot smith style acoustic songwriting with a penchant for personally reflective lyrics.


I created the Amnesiacs upon my arrival to college as an outlet for my individual music that i wished to create. i was not well acquainted with people whom i could form a band with, so i decided to try playing by myself. My first love is punk music, and my main influences are The Velvet Underground and such Lou Reed albums as Berlin and Transformer. Elliott Smith is another personal favorite, as well as John Frusciantes early four track music.


So far i have recorded two EP's

The Read Rooftop Sessions EP
Life of Marco EP

Set List

Ode to Miley Cyrus
Marcos Beginning
Took a Ride
The Businessman
Second Best
Dark Matters
Bleeding Souls Unwind
Whiskey Lies
The Junkie