the amours

the amours

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the amours’ are an experiment and a continual adventure. jazz, classical, roots, rock, folk, world beat, experimental, spoken word, hip hop, etc…are all available to this versatile group. At the heart of ‘the amours’ is great songwriting.


The birthplace of 'the amours' was the Halifax Creative Music Workshop taught by such renowned musicians as Jerry Granelli and guitar legend David Tronzo. In this melting pot of creativity and experimentation, veteran guitarist and songwriter Albert August asked jazz vocalist Arlene White, classical violinist Lei Park and laptop sonician Steve Slater to put a group together for a singer songwriter gig that he had previously booked.

Albert says, "I was playing soloand writing songs inspired by Steely Dan, Robert Johnson, Steve Earle, and the Beatles. I was also ready for something completely different. The Amours embody everything I love about music. The creativity, spontaneity, risk taking, composing without borders."

Several shows and stylistic transitions later, The Amours continue to surprise and adapt.
Initially The Amours were instrumentally/ sonically oriented, now they are primarily a vocal group.

Set List

Sets and shows are constantly changing with new material being added continually.

One Show had an oriental theme
Another was free formed
A third was dedicated to songs about love and valentine's day. It featured several vocal standards and covers.