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"The Amsterdams - Automatic EP"

There seems to be a few European countries at the moment who are springing the odd surprise my way in terms of musical talent, the latest being Romania. Yes Romania you did read that right.

The Amsterdams are the band and their completely bonkers yet utterly addictive Automatic EP is what has brought them to my attention. She’s Automatic opens proceedings with a shout along chorus to die for, Petrolize All Mice is the second track and it’s as oddball as the title suggests.

Easily the strongest two tracks though are Lights Out, which brings things down a notch, dims the lights and seduces you with melody and the chaotic Suffering & Surfing that then closes the EP.

"The Amsterdams – Automatic EP"

Another Tasty first I think – our first Romanian band being reviewed. And what do they go and call themselves? Only the Bloody Amsterdams. Tsk. From the sleeve shots they look a bit like OK Go and the first few bars sound a little similar too – spiky guitar pop. Great use of stereo mixing sees the guitar lines slashed out of their very own speaker throughout and opener 'Automatic' is actually really, really good. Somewhere between the aggression of Feverdream and the offbeat indie of Frenchies Call Me Loretta, The Amsterdams continue throw out shouty choruses. I have no idea what 'Petrolize All Mice' is about but I like the idea of it and I like the sound of it very much. And the EP is rounded off by the darker 'Suffering and Surfing' which is very Scando rock – think The Hives or fellow ace Swedes The Je Ne Sais Sais Quoi. I cannot fault this – highly recommended. -

"Automatic EP"

Well, if The Amsterdams don't get you with their incessant guitars they'll get you with the incessant percussive onslaught and, if that don't succeed, it'll be the catchy tunes that'll grab yer!!

Romanian indie rocksters The Amsterdams bring indie and pop closer together with their in-yer-face take on the genre. Rammed with commercial tendencies, overflowin' with likeability, full to burstin' with hooks, The Amsterdams are irrepressible, unstoppable and damn near unputdownable! Theirs isn't actually quirky indie but it is certainly up-there and pretty instant; their attack is fronted by the spiky guitars that grab hold and don't let go. Next, it's the drums that come pounding out to hit you full in the face and then the bass runs that chock up the percussive drive even higher - together the effect is pretty awesome and undeniably infectious. Now, as if that's not enough to get the juices flowin', there's still the wonderfully proportioned vocals to take in; get in there, sing along cuz The Amsterdams make music to take part in, to get involved with - you just won't be able to sit still when The Amsterdams hit the speakers!!

Great radio music, instantly appealing, catchy as hell - all the requirements for pop success; The Amsterdams toss their vibrant music to the masses and wait to see what happens - it shouldn't take long to get a reaction though cuz The Amsterdams are just so blatantly commercial and it's very hard to find fault with their whole musical being. Their songs are beautifully easy on the ear, their delivery is sharp and very much to the point and their whole essence seems to be wonderfully honest yet workmanlike.

Given the right promotion I can see The Amsterdams becoming a household name and achieving chart success. I really can't find anything to criticise about The Amsterdams; everything sounds absolutely spot-on and with such a vibrant commercial sound and feel The Amsterdams surely must make it happen. 'Automatic' works on every level and The Amsterdams show that they are ready for bigger things and really up for it!! Watch out for The Amsterdams - watch out for 'Automatic' - just watch out, The Amsterdams are comin' your way and they might just be unstoppable!


"Suffering & Surfing - The Amsterdams"

One solid track thats worth jumping on before you forget, its epic and its long, and its great for getting over the back to school blues, (if like myself your back to college). If you can listen to this song with out tapping your foot along the floor I will award you with a virtual hug cause you must simply be amazing. -


Automatic EP (2008)

1.She's Automatic
2.Suffering & Surfing
3.Lights Out
4.Petrolize All Mice

Adolessons LP (2009)

1. Suffering and Surfing
2. Fireworks
3. Chased By The Housewives
4. Taking Care of Anna
5. Autobahn Sleeping Machine
6. Lights Out
7. Take The Cars Out
8. Apple
9. Laika
10. Academy of Broken Hearts



The Amsterdams are a rock/ folk / power pop band based in Bucharest, Romania. The present line-up consists of Andrei Hategan (lead vocals, synth), Ovidiu Bejan (guitar, backing vocals), Augustin Nicolae (bass, backing vocals), Andrei Ungureanu (guitar) and Vlad Stoica (drums).

The band was put together in the summer of 2005 by Andrei Hategan and Andrei Ungureanu who took their cue from their love of British pop music, from 80s guitar-pop to 90s brit-pop and the 2000 post-punk revival. Shortly, the band added Dan Olaru on bass and Vlad Stoica on drums by the end of the year.

As for the name of the band, Andrei Hategan says "we thought we'd choose one to express freedom of spirit in every sense, so Amsterdams was the natural choice. We added “The” to make it clear we were those Amsterdams... The only ones there!”.

The band rehearsed fastidiously only to play their first gig in Bucharest club Big Mamou, in February 2006. By the summer of 2006, they already played in Ploiesti and a few more Bucharest clubs. Due to musical differences, Dan Olaru and Vlad Stoica quit the band to focus on their own project entitled Guillotines . By the end of the year, Andrei Hategan and Andrei Ungureanu manage to recruit Ovidiu Bejan (guitar) and Augustin Nicolae (bass), who will leave their own mark on The Amsterdams' already defined sound. One of the main problems in the beginnings of the band was finding a good drummer to fit the sound and be available for gigs: the band tried out no less than 13 drummers before choosing Alex Ghita, who, despite working with other bands as well, managed to stay with The Amsterdams and help them make up a steady repertoire.

In 2007, The Amsterdams take on the recording studio and the first recorded track "Taking care of Anna", is on rotation at the now-defunct but Romanian avantgarde radio station at the time, 89 FM. This is the beginning of a fortunate period of ever-growing popularity for the band.

The Amsterdams play at the 3rd edition of UnderLondon Fest in Bucharest and, with their small stage appearance at The Stufstock 5 Festival in Vama Veche, Romania, catch the eye and ears of headlining band The Dandy Warhols . TDW leader Courtney Taylor-Taylor even dedicates a song to them during their main stage concert at the festival.

In 2008 The Amsterdams record their songs in a professional studio and launch their first EP - Automatic, in May.

Word was out in Great Britain and Automatic got some pretty good reviews. Suffering and Suffering and another track - Petrolize All Mice, were aired on local college radiostations and on BBC 6.

They play Europa Vox Festival, in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

In the fall of 2008, the band let go of their drummer Paul Ballo and reunite with their first drummer, Vlad Stoica.

May 2009 The Amsterdams release their first LP, Adolessons, they choose to do this on their own, like rebel teenagers. Lesson learned.

The first single on the album is Chased By The Housewives, a video directed by a young woman director - who else could portray better on camera the fear of housewives.