The Analog Reception

The Analog Reception


Well acquainted songs driven via addictive arrangements w/ soft piano, picturesque vocals, tuneful harmonies, elysian organs & supernatural synths, followed with interludes of monstrous guitars in the midst of a violent freak out, fueled by a calamitous rhythm section.


Kevin Scott, Nick Macri and Ernie Ouellette once formed a mighty power trio called Perpetual Notion. Playing covers of popular songs and surprisingly mature originals, they gained modest notoriety in central Connecticut with their dynamic stage show. However, careers, relationships and the other usual things that spell disaster for a band stepped in and the trio went separate ways.

After many years apart, the three high school band-mates reunited one night over bowling and White Russians to discuss their musical past and more importantly – the future. Disillusioned with their past/current musical endeavors, they decided to give it another go and create a band that would satisfy their combined musical visions. Scott and Macri got to work immediately, composing songs fervently, building a recording studio, recording material, and deliberating the design of things to come. Oulette, who had to finish a tour obligation overseas, soon rejoined them in laying down the rhythmic foundation. Madness ensued. It was as if they had just picked up where they left off all those years ago, but now armed with more experience and skill. And thus, The Analog Reception was (re) born.

With a slew of new material, and a demo recorded, the only thing left to do was to show it off to everyone. They booked a show at a band showcase in one of the local theaters. With only a few weeks till show time, Macri got a call from longtime friend and co-conspirator Jesse Alford. Alford had just finished a stint as drummer for The Odds and called wondering if they needed a guitar player. Figuring they could use some extra sonic texture for the live set, they invited him to sit in. Quickly learning the material and nailing the sound the others were searching for; Alford was soon a full time member. The Analog Reception’s first gig was a smashing success with a huge showing of friends and fans coming out to support them.

The boys have since played some outstanding shows opening for the likes of Daphne Loves Derby and Blind Melon. The Analog Reception is forever forging their unique sound and honing the DIY work ethic that is the foundation of the band. They can currently be found gigging out locally and working in their home studio, mixing their upcoming album. Just don’t expect it to stop there.


The Analog Reception (self-titled EP)
Too Close to Care (summer '08)

Set List

Our typical set list includes mostly to all original material. We are, at this point capable of any set length up to 75 minutes. Our songs include:

Shootout at the Payphone
I Feel Fine
Hangin' On
We Didn't Know
Found Out
Got No Hope
Waiting On Love
Personal Holocaust
It Ain't Right
Inside of Me
To All
Please Don't Cry
Like a Kiss

Ziggy Stardust - Bowie
Halloween Head - Ryan Adams
Waiting for My Man - Velvet Underground
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Substitute - The Who