The Anatomy of Frank

The Anatomy of Frank

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

The Anatomy of Frank is a post-pop band from Charlottesville, Virginia, known for teasing audiences with dynamics and tension. writes, “[They] blend the complexity of post-rock with the immediate likability of pop-rock to create music that will get stuck in your head without ever driving you crazy.” The band's music and live show have already landed them multiple tours across North America and Europe. This coincides greatly with their wanderlust; after all, they have declar


Matt Ashare, former head music editor for the Boston Phoenix, has been a fan of The Anatomy of Frank from the moment he was dragged to one of their early concerts. He has written of their energy as “an infectious kind of enthusiasm,” a sentiment that has been echoed by many others who have caught this young band in their markedly productive career.

Kyle Woolard, The Anatomy of Frank’s founder, says the band was born from a near-death experience. While driving his former band’s van out of Charlottesville, Virginia during a record-setting blizzard, he crossed a bridge covered in black ice and lost control of the steering. Road noise vanished as the van spun sideways, and in a decisive moment he was able to correct the turn before hitting a concrete barrier. When he came out of the turn, “...the band was in my head and it wouldn’t go away. I knew exactly what I needed to do.”

In the ensuing year, he tracked down four miraculous finds named Chris Garay (drums), Erik Larsen (guitar), George Faulknier (bass), and Jimmy Bullis (keyboards). With three of them in college at the time, they had no other means of practicing than sneaking into the University’s classrooms in the middle of the night and setting up their gear to play until the wee hours of the morning. For six months, the band rehearsed without performing any shows, culminating in a first-place win at the University of Virginia’s Battle of the Bands.

Andrew Cedermark, founding guitarist for punk legends Titus Andronicus and music writer for the Cville, was a judge for the event and handed the laurels to the band for their first performance, later describing them as both “soul- indebted” and “undeniable.” After that turning point, and with the addition of new bassist Jonas Creason, The Anatomy of Frank has toured relentlessly across North America and Europe. Their debut album, Pangaea, has just been released, and Alex Somers (Sigur Rós, Jónsi) has teamed up with the band to mix and master the next album they record.

Described as a loving polygamy of indie rock, delightful nuance, post-rock dynamic shifts, and inspired pop melodies, the band has stated its commitment to touring every part of the globe. And with such diversions as a house show in northern Alaska, a mountaintop concert in Oregon, and a show inside a defunct grain elevator in northern British Columbia interspersed in their frantic touring schedule, the band is well on its way.



Saturday Morning

Written By: Kyle Woolard

If I could bend you with my powers
I’d make you fall asleep for hours

I’d count the breaths that you were breathing
And try to limit myself to that many reasons

Why I’d stay up till five in the morning
Hoping you would kiss me without warning

Why I was broken when you left me
Not even an hour after you met me

You’re impossible, you know
I can’t get it through my head

There’s someone singing in my shower
Let’s stay awake another hour
The morning makes you look so tired
The sunlight wakes you through your eyelids

So come and build yourself a stigma
I’ll do my best to remain an enigma

If the mystery makes me more appealing
I won’t lay claim to the feeling

That we should make some terrible decisions
Before we can predict our own revisions

You’re such a charismatic limit
To my free time
But this is why
I’ll let it slide for you
Ba ba ba ba
Is it not obvious that nothing would be better
Than writing you a letter to say

You are a genuine sensation
And I can’t escape infatuation

And if you choose to abuse it
At least I’ll make some pretty music

You are beautiful, you know
How did this happen to me

Bill Murray

Written By: Kyle Woolard

Darling, did you hear the news?
It’s a landslide, a landslide

We’ve stumbled into dangerous lands
And it’s goodbye, and goodnight for us

They keep their opinions
Circling like caged birds, but we

Laid down and pretended
They were crazy, crazy

It has been a while since we’ve been understood
It feels so good to push
Then why are you teething?
My lips are bleeding
I could build you palindromes of
Palindromic repetition
If you want to eat me
Then maybe you need me

I know it’s a risky game
for our mothers to live with

But I’d live for a thousand years
Just to lose it, I’d choose it

Without this, you wouldn’t know me
There is joy in being lonely

Everyone is coming out to see
Who we are and what we have become
Don’t pretend that you are here for the fair food
I can see that ashy smile decaying from your lips
You only know how to dance
When I control your hips


"Pangaea" - Full Length, 2013 (Independent, US; SingAlongSongs, Europe)

"Relax, there's nothing here but old pictures" - EP, 2011 (Independent)

Saturday Morning - US & European FM radio airplay, streaming
Bill Murray - US & European FM radio airplay, streaming

Set List

Minnesota (for Scott & Jeremy)
Dirge (for Matt)
Photographs of Inuvik in January
Bill Murray
With Friends Like Me
Hey SATAN! (I know where you live)
Saturday Morning
The Death of a Fly