The And Band

The And Band


The And Band is an eclectic mix of country and punk with a little bit of blues and punk. The singers and song writers Michael James Anderson and Lisa Lawrence played music for 10 years. Mike was in a trash metal band and Lisa was a alt. country singer songwriter. The music is a mix of their styles.


The And Band is an eclectic mixture of Sling Slang records musicians Mike Anderson (vox and guitar), Lisa Lawrence (vox and guitar), Aron Uzanas (drums and vocals), and Margaret Peggy Haney(bass). Singer and Songwriter Mike Anderson has been a member of the metal band Flu since 1998 with And Band drummer Aron Uzanas. Lisa Lawrence has been a singer songwriter for 10 years and brings years of touring experience. The And Band plays a style of music called “cow punk” which is a result of combining the members musical influences of punk, country, americana and rock.

The group formed 4 years ago and has toured throughout New england and the northeast, including Nashville and Memphis, TN. They also play regular gigs in their hometown of Manchester, CT. The And Band released an album called “Going Bare Knuckle with the Devil” in 2011. It's a combination of live and studio recordings. The And Band performs energetic and powerful shows and engages the audience while also showing the personality of all the members who have been close friends for over a decade.
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The And Band Going Bare Knuckle with the Devil
Our track "Red" is currently being played on local Connecticut radio.