The Andes

The Andes

 Racine, Wisconsin, USA

If you took the attitude of Oasis, the energy of Pearl Jam, the song crafting of Weezer, the live sound of the Foo Fighters, plus the element of surprise, you'd be listening to The Andes.


The Andes are about having fun and keeping the music fresh. We all are songwriting fanatics so there's always new tunes coming forth. We love the same bands (listed above and below) and craft mostly songs that are "radio friendly" though not in a TOP 40 kind of way. Put us on Q101.1 Chicago or 102.1 Milwaukee and we fit right in.


The Andes [EP] (2006)
Vintager (2009)

Set List

Andes songs: M.I.A., For Awhile, Nothing to do, Isabel, Once Again, Gilded Jewelry, Lost in the city, Madeline, Blue Bracelet, Another Guy, I knew you when, Sunshine, and more
Cover songs: Rearviewmirror, Daughter, and various Pearl Jam songs, Any Oasis song, Beatles, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Radiohead.
We can play for about two hours time if needed.