The AndWutz

The AndWutz


Influenced by music ranging from Punk to Pop, Metal to Soul...we've been compared to early Misfits/Punk/80s Pop Rock...You ever go see a band play and say "Man...I wanna do that"...that's what we did and it's been the best ride of our lives!


The AndWutz are an all female four-piece from Waltham, MA. With no prior musical experience, the girls formed the band originally as a joke with the intentions of shooting a fake music video to laugh at. But, since they wanted to make it look like they knew what they were doing...they attempted to actually play.... Merely 5 months later, they were literally forced to start playing shows by their friends in other bands.... Since then, they have played with a long list of talented bands (The Queers, Waltham, Seemless, etc.) & all the hottest venues in Boston (The Paradise, The Middle East, Harper's Ferry, etc.), as well as the legendary CBGB's in NY. The AndWutz are here to stay!


"Project 4 A.M." LP- released March 2007

Set List

Our sets usually range from 30-60 min. depending on slot times & normally play about 9-12 songs. We mainly play a rotation of songs from our album; Clear it Up, Rock the Camaro, Another Day in the Life, Poison, Valentine, Close to You, Laugh With Us, Pink Slip, I'm With the Band, NEW Tunes Romance, Play It Over, Who Changes...We have also played a number of covers from the likes of The Bangles, The Outfield, The Ronettes, Joan Jett, The Beastie Boys, Motorhead, Lita Ford, Danzig, Gwen Stefani, Kim Wylde.