The Angie Wynter Band

The Angie Wynter Band


The Angie Wynter Band's sets are an eclectic blend of soul, blues, electro and jazz - typically mixed with a few electronic and soul based indie ballads to make a remarkable repertoire. Its impact is driven by the extraordinary musical strength of each and every member.


Brisbane based, The Angie Wynter Band’s, music merges a remarkable mix of musical influences to create a rich and distinctive sound. Angie Wynter in soul singer songwriter, who has been charming audiences for years with her stories of love, living, booze and breakups. The band is made up of Brisbane musicians Angeline Wynter (Angelswine, Sol and Wynter), Peta Wilson (The Rooftops), Sam Mitchell (The Reenactment), Tom Penrose (Gorgonzola) and Jemma Hicks (Skinny Jean). They formed in 2006 and are all previous Queensland University of Technology music students who hold a passion for original soul, blues and indie based tunes. They have become popular regulars on the local Brisbane scene with performances at Ric’s Bar, The Powerhouse, Lock’n’Load and more.


Their debut EP is to be released in January 2010.

Set List

The Angie Wynter Band can play up to 2.5 hours of original music.

Song titles include: Tied Up, Secret, The Game, Mezzanine, Precious Time, I Choose, Look at You, Wake Up, Too Late, I'm a Mess, Shut Up, I Love You, Stay Mad, Valentine, Christmas Song, You Could Be So Fine, Middle Aged Man, A Million Times Before, By the Way, Hot Summer Heat, Sombody’s Gotta Answer, Too Late, Kill the Baddies