The Animators

The Animators


THE ANIMATORS create lush orchestral pop songs that work like short stories - somewhere between Fountains of Wayne, Postal Service, and Simon and Garfunkel.


"Impressive ... unique and inspired." (All Music Guide, four stars)

"Highly recommended." (Performing Songwriter)

"Truly great." (Filter magazine)

The Animators create modern popular music.

Devon Copley and Alex Wong became the Animators in 2002, beginning as a bicoastal, multicultural duo. Citing as influences the songwriting and arrangements of Simon & Garfunkel and the Postal Service, and with a talent for melody in the vein of Nada Surf, they swiftly became favorites in the American singer-songwriter scene, performing in a wide range of residencies and showcases on both coasts. Wong moved to join Copley in Brooklyn and together they opened Angelhouse East Studios in 2004. Bassist Phil Galitzine joined the full band in fall 2003 and drummer Kevin Rice in fall 2004.

The Animators' new album, "How We Fight," was released in April 2006 and is currently in rotation on over 100 college and independent radio stations nationwide. The group has toured across America and as far afield as Singapore, sharing stages with the likes of Norah Jones, the Bravery, Gavin DeGraw, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Mike Viola. Their songs have been featured on MTV's The Real World, XM Satellite Radio and numerous independent films.

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Good To Be Here

Written By: Alex Wong/Devon Copley

I woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling
Look who’s back, I saw the doctor smile
Careful, we almost thought we lost you for a while.

Cecilia was the last thing I remember on the radio
Of the overturned car
How long have I been here
I can’t feel a thing but I think I’m alright

Its good to be here
Its good to be right where I belong
So good to be here
And good to be gone

I saw all the ones I left behind me
In the lullaby town with the sun in their eyes
And I knew I had to make it out of there sometime

Now I’m awake in the city of the future
We gather on the platforms with hope in our eyes
Now I know why I came here
And its good its good for once in my life

Its good to be here
Its good to be right where I belong
So good to be here
And good to be gone

Sometimes it takes a shock to shake you from a deep sleep
Now I know what I wanted to say


How We Fight, April 2006, sophomore full-length.

The Chamber Sessions, July 2004, 5-song EP.

Home By Now, May 2003, full-length debut.

Help Is On The Way, October 2002, 5-song EP.

Set List

We currently have 35-40 songs in our repertoire, primarily original.

Most Requested Songs usually included in set:
Good To Be Here
Good Day
Girl 3
The Drive
How Do I Get Over You
Buy Buy
Right Here
Late Night Show