The Anita Lofton Project

The Anita Lofton Project

 San Francisco, California, USA

Anita Lofton is a guitarist, singer-songwriter who knows her way around wah-wah, smallstone and rat pedals. As former lead guitarist for Sistas In The Pit, the all-black-girl rock band, she toured Europe and China, and later North America opening for Iggy Pop and The Stooges. Anita has just traded in her Marshall half stack and Epiphone semi hollow body Casino for a microphone and a Epiphone acoustic guitar. She's now armed and ready to rock audiences with just some strings.


The move an artist makes from punk beginnings to more complicated crafts is fascinating to hear. Anita Lofton makes the trek with the Anita Lofton Project.

Formerly of punk trio Sistas in the Pit, the talented guitarist and singer-songwriter gave up her wah-wah, smallstone and rat pedals for greater things. With her former Sistas she toured China and Europe, and took an infamous national tour supporting a certain James Iggy Pop Osterberg and the Stooges during that band's reunion in 2007. She claims to have traded in her Marshall half stack and Epiphone semi hollow body casino for a microphone and an Epiphone acoustic guitar, yet shes got the rock in her blood. With Anitas new minimal and acoustic approach she expresses a new direction in songwriting that is as candid, earnest, cool and assertive while seeking greater understanding of others and cloaking sentiment in attitude.


CD: Neo-Black-Folk

EP: The Anita Lofton Project

Movie "Still Around" Soundtrack

CD: Missing Piece, Band: Sistas in the Pit

Set List

The Anita Lofton Project 4 main Sets

15 minute set

30 minute set

45 minute set

60 minute set

All original music written arranged and produced by Anita Lofton