Ann Kerstetter and the All star Band of Cronies
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"Duke St. Diary Review. Norman Davis"

Most of the blues CDs that come my way are fairly average...okay, but not great. So I wasn't expecting a lot from an unknown in Pennsylvania. Well, one should never assume and I was knocked out by Ann’s album. She sings with authenticity and passion and has a marvelous voice. - Norman Davis, Midnight Flyer Blues Show. Portland Org

"Bruce Iglauer, Pres. Alligator Records, comments on the Ann Kerstetter Band"

Bruce Iglauer, President Alligator Records, commenting on the Ann Kerstetter Band's
Performance at the 2009 IBC Memphis:
"Ann is a strong vocalist in the classic blues sense with a good variety of techniques. The guitarist is very tasty and the rest of the band is solid with good dynamics. Nice positive stage presence - very personable."
- IBC Review

"Doc's Juke Joint Jazz 901 Rochester, NY."

"I recently found a great new blues act hiding in Northumberland, PA.
Ann Kerstetter and her band bring
new life to some well known and forgotten blues hits on her latest CD -
CLASSICS. Whether its a boogie number or a slow one, Ann and her band deliver. - Greg "Doc" Lefebre

"Highway Blues / KZUM 89.3 Lincoln, NE"

"Ann Kerstetters vocals are powerful, and filled with emotion. The musicians surrounding her are tight and work very well together. Here is a group of artists whos talents seem to have no boundaries, The Ann Kerstetter Band delivers a refreshing mix of jazz, blues, and rock that is guaranteed to satisfy. "Classics" is one of the best surprises of the year. With covers of some of the biggest names in the industry. "Classics" is truly an instant classic."
- -Al Lundy

"Duke St. Diary Review. by Bonnie Tallman"

After listening to Ann Kerstetter's first release, Classics, and now this her latest, _”Duke St. Diary) - -I am convinced the girl can sing! Ann has complete control over her voice - generating a colorful palette of vocal textures and nuances to effectively grab the listener and relay her message. While Ann opted for musical variation with strong influences of jazz and pop, the release is dominated by the blues. The production is first are the arrangements. This is a great recording in every possible way. - . Bonnie Tallman, BC Productions Artist Management Group.

""SunGazette"Ann Kerstetter returns home with second album,"

They say you can never go home again. Don't tell that to Ann Kerstetter.

Kerstetter, who performs with her band this Saturday on the Hiawatha, just released her second album, which pays homage to the music she listened to as a kid while living with her aunt Nancy at 77 Duke St., Northumberland.

The appropriately named "Duke Street Diary" isn't a collection of covers, however. It is a mostly original collection of music that touches on the sounds that influenced her to want to be a performer.

"It is a reflection of a time in my life when music was so important to me," Kerstetter said during a recent interview.

Kerstetter spent years singing throughout the Susquehanna Valley with Crosstown Bus before retiring from the music business to raise a family and teach Spanish. Several years ago, while attending the Billtown Blues Festival, she saw the "Georgia Songbird" E.G. Kight perform and was inspired to return to music.

Since then, she's been on a roll, winning the Billtown Blues Challenge, opening up the Billtown Blues Festival, competing in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and releasing her first CD, "Classics."

Although Kerstetter's breakthrough came through the blues, she said her new collection of songs is a better representation of what she's about.

The album covers a wide spectrum of music, including jazz, rhythm and blues, '60s surf rock, country and, yes, blues.

"I don't want to be pigeon holed. The blues brought me back, but this album isn't tied to one genre of music," she said. "It can't be."

The album kicks off bluesy enough with its two cover songs, Ann Rabson's barrel house anthem to womanly independence, "Annie's Blues," and Kight's funk and blues ode to playing with fire, "If You Ever Touch Me."

The rest of the album was written by either Kerstetter, current and former members of her band or a combination. Songs include keyboard player Greg Burgess's infectious "All Day and All Night Long" and bassist Andy Seal's mournful "Cryin' Out the Blues."

Kerstetter said she was looking for a flamenco sound with "No Me Toques Asi," which she sings in Spanish. Guitarist Alex Callenberger came up with just what she was looking for with a quirky rhythm that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Harmonica wild man Charlie Moore adds a touch of spookiness to the song with some stark, but effective minor-key playing.

The album then goes country, with the Delbert McClinton-esque "Messin' Down in Texas," which sounds as if it came straight out of an Austin honky tonk. "Screen Door" also harkens back to Texas, but with a large dose of Andrews Sisters-meets-Asleep at the Wheel swing.

"Nancy Priscilla" is perhaps the off-beat - and funnest - cut on the album, featuring Ventures-style guitar by Callenberger and playful lyrics by Kerstetter that tip a musical hat to her favorite aunt.

"Serenity" conjures up Peggy Lee's "Fever," while Burgess's "When Your Smile Warms Me Like the Sun" is pure smokey jazz, reminding me of Laura Nyro's "Billie's Blues" from the "First Songs" album.

With the album's finale, "From Duke Street Down to Memphis," Kerstetter returns to the blues with a vengeance, looking back at her days in Northumberland through the lens of a thumping I-V-IV blues progression.

The album includes Callenberger, Seal, Moore and all-pro drummer Jeremy Hummel from her current band, but also former collaborators Burgess, drummer Steve Mitchell and guitarist Sean Farley from the original lineup, plus Hammond B-3 player Steve Adams.

"I wanted to be able to showcase all the musicians I've worked with," Kerstetter said. "They've all inspired me to do what I do." - Williamsport SunGazette Dave Thomposn.

"BLUES REVUE Mag. June/July2009"

" An uptown beat pulses through Classics, a wonderfully produced self release from Pennsylvania's Ann Kerstetter Band that covers deep soul (William Bell's Stax classic "You don't Miss Your Water"), the Beatles ("Don't Let Me Down"), and roadhouse R&B ( Delbert McClinton's "Every time I Roll The Die") but favors jumping blues and boogie ( "Louella," "Boogie Woogie Blues") and elegant ballads ("Dangerous Mood," "God Bless the Child"). Kerstetter is a fabulous singer with personality, wide emotional range, and a welcome lack of affectation. And the arrangements provided by the band (Sean Farley on guitar, Greg Burgess on piano, Andy Seal on bass, and Steve Mitchell on drums) are praiseworthy."
- Tom Hyslop

"Brett Fleming "Soul Stew" WEVL FM 89.9 Memphis Review. Ann Kerstetter's IBC performance and"

"I had the pleasure of hearing Ann Kerstetter's Band at the International Blues Challenge this year and was really taken with their performance. Great musicality combined with Ann's beautifully rendered vocals had the crowd hooked and wanting more. I wondered if that energy would translate well to recorded material. My answer came shouting at me in the form of their CD, "Classics", a very well done compilation of blues/soul/R&B covers. My particular favorite track is their rendition of William Bell's signature ballad, "You Don't Miss Your Water". Other singers have covered this and Ann's version is simply one of the best I've heard.
Ann has assembled an excellent band to back her smoky vocals and this is a dynamic combination. I understand some of their original material is due out in the near future and I will be ready for another fine CD from this band. Don't miss an oppurtunity to hear them live when they play in your town."
- -- Brett Fleming

"Duke St.Diary named as semifinalist for The Blues Foundation's Best Self produced CD of the year"

The following twelve CDs have advanced to the second round of the 2010 Best Self Produced CD contest:

1. Billtown Blues Association - Ann Kerstetter, 'Duke Street Diary'
2. Black Swamp Blues Society - Bill Halsey, 'Hot Dry Work'
3. Blues Society of Tulsa - Little Joe McLerran, 'Believe I'll Make a Change'
4. Blues sur Seine - Mountain Men, 'Spring Time Coming'
5. Colorado Blues Society - The Informants, Crime Scene Queen
6. Diamond State Blues Society - The Porkroll Project, 'Shake It Twice'
7. Kentuckiana Blues Society - One Shot Johnny, 'Times Like These'
8. Maine Blues Society - Pat Pepin, I'n It For the Long Hall'
9. Polish Blues Association - Boogie Boys, 'Hey You!'
10. Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society - Laurie Morvan Band, 'Fire It Up!'
11.Southern Fried Blues Society - Rick Tobey, 'Chicken Road'
12. Spa City Blues Society - Virgil Brawley, 'Bottle Tree'
-- - The Blues Foundation

"A.Kerstetter's performance Aug.6,. prior to the Bon Taj concert."

Ann Kerstetter put on a performance - a show! -She let the crowd know all about herself and what she does. My hat goes off to her for her drive and spunk. The Williamsport Community Arts center was lucky in that the venue offered TWO terrific concerts last Thursday night, Bonnie Raitt and Taj's "BonTaj" and Ann Kerstetter.
Bonnie Tallman, BC Productions Artist Management Group.

- Bonnie Tallman, BC Productions Artist Management Group.( Saffire, Ann Rabson, EG.Kight)


The Blues Foundation has just announced the
12 Semi-Finalists for 2010 Best Self Produced CD and Duke St. Diary has made the list.
"DUKE ST. DIARY released n Aug 22. 2009 features 9 new original songs by the band including Ann's first original song in Spanish the haunting "No Me toques asi." also 2 cover songs by Ann Rabson and EG Kight.

Duke St. diary has been listed and submitted to Living blues Mag. since it;s release on Aug.22,09, by various stations Nationwide.
The Tracks being played are
Messin down in Texas.,Annie's Blues,Cryin out the Blues , Screen door and If You ever touch me. Here are some of the stations reporting airplay.
KUNM-FM 89.9Albuquerque NM
KTUH FM Honolulu
WEVL Memphis
KTOO Juneau AK
Sunday Evening Blues Cruise
88.1 WVPE Blues Revue NPR, Elkhart In.
WXCI Danbury CT
Papajoe (David Carrigan) Blues Cafe' WWSP Stevens Point WI
Norman Davis, Carson, NM (
WVBR-FM 93.5, Ithaca, NY
KTEP 88.5 FnmM, El Paso TX

"Classics" The Ann Kerstetter Band Released June 2008. play including.... w/ Al Lundy Featured Artist Mar.7, 2009 "classics" / KZUM NEB.
"Boogie woogie blues" Classic, selected by Midnight Special Blues Radio( PARIS), for streaming on their international show. Nov.2008

Boogie Woogie Bluesïinternational radio play and streaming:
Good Time Blues" Gustavo Rozenberg ) in Buenos Aires - Argentina
"Classsic" Blues and Beyond- Frank van Engelen Holland

Nationally ,Classicsï
airplay and streaming with the following stations.
WQSU and WZXR Blues Brunch with Goodtime Charlie Lockard, "Winner of Keeping the blues Alive award. Lavern CA. Classic as featured CD. Jan. 2009 w/ Al Lundy Featured Artist Mar.7, 2009 "classics" / KZUM NEB.
Doc's Juke Joint Buffalo, Rochester, NY. on Doc" Lefebre submitted Boogie Woogie Blues to Living Blues Jan. 2009
Brian "The Blues Dr." Spencer" Nothin' But The Blues" KUNV 91.5 FM Las Vegas



Take a woman driven to entertain her audience with a voice reminiscent of the velvet of Etta James and the gravel of Janis Joplin. Add extremely talented musicians who blend as a single unit with her to bring it all back home to you, the Ann Kerstetter band is one hard act to follow.
Pennsylvania powerhouse vocalist Ann Kerstetter was on a mission when she returned to the PA. music scene 3 years ago after a 20 year hiatus. She wanted to perform at the Billtown Blues Festival and then make her way to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Mission Accomplished.

Ann returned from powerful, mojo packed performances at the 2009 IBC in Memphis and a special guest appearances at B.B. Kings with "Joyce Hernderson and the Music Machine".
Ann continued to impress the Blues community with her heartfelt and electric live performances and her debut CD "Classics". In his review of "Classics" Tom Hyslop , BLUES REVUE Magazine Jun/Jul says...." Kerstetter is a fabulous singer with personality, wide emotional range and a welcome lack of affectation."Classics continued to gain national and international recognition and now Ann has released follow up CD. "DUKE ST. DIARY". "Duke St. Diary" features 11 cuts including 9 originals by Ann' and her band mates. The disc also includes her first original song performed in Spanish, the haunting "No Me toques mas asi." Duke St.Diary" also features songs by Ann Rabson and EG Kight.

The Blues Foundation has just announced that Duke St. Diary" has made the list of the 12 Semi-Finalists for 2010 Best Self Produced CD.

Ann Kerstetter performs as a solo act.. as well as with her All Star Band of Cronies.