The Anomalys
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The Anomalys

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | INDIE

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | INDIE
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"Monks Bassist Eddie Shaw Reviews The Anomalys LP On Slovenly!"

Nobody puts out this much energy, but If there’s one thing The Anomalys are most successful at – they prove that rock and roll is not dead, by any means." (Eddie Shaw, bass player of The Monks) - Eddie Shaw, bass player of The Monks


The record looks as it comes from the 70´s and the punks happy start but I think it´s from this year 2010. They have a sound which sounds like an old punkband so I don´t become really sure about this. Punk mixed with some rockabillytunes it feels like and it feels dangerous, really dangerous. Punk which is distorted and with a singer which seems to wanna bite and eat everyone and I get a Cramps-feeling in some of the songs…brilliant. 9/8-2010
- Skrutt Magazine

"The Anomalys"

Every now and then you run into a disc that makes you wanna see, rather than hear, the band that’s doin’ the hootin’ and hollerin’. The feral, almost atonal raunch these kids are putting down here makes this just such a disc. Sorta reminds me of mid-’60s beat stuff as interpreted by the Pagans or something—wild, primal, and mere millimeters from becoming completely unhinged, which is exactly how rock’n’roll should be. -

"Once again Europe kicks America’s ass in the punk rock department"

Once again Europe kicks America’s ass in the punk rock department. I love this record! Don’t let the Anomalys in your face, ass kicking dirty rock n roll approach sway you. Raw or not, this band has their shit together. “See Me Bleed” could be the best punk rock song EVER -

"The Anomalys = The Sonics + The Murder City Devils + Link Wray"

Two guitars and a drum kit is all that this band needed to create one of the most interesting, unflinching rock n’ roll records in a long time. The unabashedly reckless approach to “You Just Wanna See Me Bleed” is so refreshing, like a slap in the face to keep your attention. The garage-blues stomp and the craft harmonica playing of “Sex” cannot be denied. It makes perfect sense that these three boys playing no-rules rock n’ roll hail from the land of no rules: Amsterdam. Just the fact that a band can incorporate rockabilly, garage and punk and do so without a shred of doubt in the performance renews my faith in rock n’ roll. Only bad thing about this record is that it’s only nine tracks long, forcing me to listen to those nine tracks over and over again, and it’s just not enough, I want more. -


The Anomalys
Self-titled LP/CD (2010)
Slovenly Recordings

The Anomalys - 7"
"Black Hole Blues"
b/w "Nat Approved"



The Anomalys from Amsterdam, Holland released their self-titled debut album on Slovenly Recordings in the USA in 2010. With this release they prove to be able to put their live reputation as 'wildest underground band in Holland' to wax.

In the garage and punk scene The Anomalys are already known for their special brand of psychotic, unpredictable and primitive rock 'n roll, but for the outside world they remain a well kept secret. Ask anyone who has seen them live to describe them and they will surely paint you images of insanity.

This rings true to the one and only mission of this tall, hyperactive threesome: making rock 'n roll dangerous again!