The Anomoly

The Anomoly


The Anomoly is a band filled with raw energy. They are looking to take the hardcore scene to an all new level with not only their sound but also their live shows.


The Anomoly is a band made up of five guys from the Chicago land area. These five guys all have the same goal and mindset, to take the hardcore music scene by storm.

The Anomoly brings influences from all sides of the spectrum including Norma Jean, The Chariot, Zao, The White Stripes, and even Johnny Cash to and Robert Johnson.

The Anomoly will not only rock you with their recorded sound, but they will definitely win you over with their amazing live performances, leaving it all on the stage night after night.

The Anomoly have grown close together dealing with each of their individual struggles as a band of brothers, in a world that wants to tear people apart.

The Anomoly has just recently released its first ep called The fall ep.It includes five songs that they feel best represents their live energy and raw emotion.


The Fall EP 2005

Set List

2.Man in disguise
3.Her Mouth Became a Chainsaw
4.Now is a good time for a heartbreak
5.firelight and celebration
6.The Wine and the one who makes me crazy
7.The Madley insane co.
8.Oh Susan, you always know how to get a reservation

our sets usually run between 30 and 45 minutes. We do not play covers.