the aggressive yet artsy melodicism of post-hardcore and the gritty clang of indie-rock to create songs that burn with a raw passion that is extremely rare


THEANTI: [thee-ant-ee]
From Omaha to Indianapolis the Midwest has homegrown some of the most innovative "indie" music in the world over the last decade. The duration of which Kentland, Indiana natives Josh Ramon and Marc Nelson have been writing/recording in bands together since they were discussing music from across the classroom.
The two twenty-three year olds began honing their sound around the turn of the century; Creating and performing their eclectic blend of psychedelic-pop & indie-rock inspired by artists like Todd Rundgren and David Bowie, as well as their Midwestern peers Cursive, Joan of Arc, and Margot and the Nuclear So & So's. Following an East Coast tour in May THEANTI was chosen to perform alongside The A.K.A.'s and Casket Architects at the 2008 Warped Tour via the Kevin Says stage. Having previously performed with the likes of Maps & Atlases, Brazil (immortal records), The Bronze Episode (eyeball records), Collections of Colonies of Bees (polyvinyl), Zookeeper (bell city pop), David Costa (skeleton crew records) and countless others. Currently half way through releasing a series of ep's that serve as demos for their full length album, POLLEN, under their current alias. Expect more collaborations with old and new friends, including long time musical companion Chris Schiro (he can be heard doing back-up vocal .. tracks from the last 2 ep's). Meanwhile they will be touring North America through spring of 2009, followed by their first overseas excursion.


Ghost of Mother Nature

Written By: Josh Ramon

Mother nature said, "child, Don't.. don't, don't ..
I'm gonna be a ghost someday ..
I'm already on my way
I want you to walk with me..
I want you to say ...

I want you to love me
and I want this child
but, I want to be ready when
you call me, when you want it

you're such a good lover
I could have you like a cadaver
and I want it"

We Are Ruins

Written By: Josh Ramon

Character carries you places
and builds you buildings
but those we see only make ruins
so, stop!


DOT With a DOT in a DOT DOT DOT (split w/ Lamps)
Live @ The Irving Theater
various "internet" ep's & singles

Set List

People Like To Talk
The Cancer Generation
We Are Ruins
Ghost of Mother Nature
Am Fed I Mean
For the Last 24 Hours
Jethro Thurman
Numbers & Routines
+ or minus a few depending on available time slot..