the Antivillains

the Antivillains

 New York City, New York, USA

Time Out New York Says : Based in Brooklyn and Toledo, the dapper Antivillains make a lovely sound—a mellow, sweeping take on pop and old-time jazz. If there's any justice, the songs from their album, "So Much for Romance" will find radio airplay.


“So Much For Romance” is the first full length offering from Toledo/Brooklyn based band The Antivillains. Its rust-belt roots are fully apparent and bring a certain romantic notion to the Midwest as a place for growing up, a place for romance and sadness, a place forgotten. Much of the record’s inspiration is drawn from the members’ own convoluted relationships. Their songs are isolated, claustrophobic, and cinematic in their range of emotional drama and musical extremes. They have developed a reputation throughout the Midwest, drawing comparisons with Beth Orton, Yo La Tengo and the Velvet Underground, among others. Aside from some promotional help by their friends at Little Pocket Records, it is self produced, self released and self distributed. Splitting their time between Brooklyn and Toledo, the band is currently recording demos for an upcoming EP and looking to play as many shows as possible.

The Antivillains are a trio composed of siblings Sarah and Ben Cohen, and jazz percussionist Sam Woldenberg.


So Much For Romance (full length via Little Pocket Records)

Set List

45 min - 1 hour
Original music.