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"Review of "The Anywheres" (2005)"

From Good Times' CD Review of The Anywheres: "Eschewing the area's typical, sad hair rock proclivities, Barile and company perform songs of personal observation and deep emotion, and use actual melody instead of relying on hot licks. The end result is as smooth and refreshing as the 60-degree days we've had lately. Make no mistake: The Anywheres are already better than some of the regional acts that signed to national indies of late. Hopefully, they'll slip this demo under the doors of some offices – we're waiting for the press release any second now. The Anywheres are not just any band; this is an band with a real future, performing real music." - Syl Nathan - Good Times Magazine


2009 - Sidecar (EP)
Track Listing:
01: (If I'm Not) Mistaken
02: LoDuca
03: Puntual
04: Rocket Fuel

2005 - The Anywheres (LP)
Track Listing:
01: Squirrelwood Road
02: Start the Clock
03: Summer Song
04: Breathing In
05: The Swear
06: Intro To...
07: New Tonight
08: Lube
09: D.E.F.
10: End on the Six
11: Bottom of Yourself
12: Fascinating (Bonus Track)



The Anywheres’ fusion of alternative pop, punk, and Chili Peppers-style funk, is molded by guitarist/vocalist Frankie Barile, bassist Tom Knabbe, and drummer Jimmy Abdale. By combining a true sense of pop melody with a calorie-burning live show, the Anywheres, armed with their new EP Sidecar, are poised to become real wave-makers in the fishbowl that is the New York music scene and beyond.

Former 1st grade classmates and veterans of the early ‘00’s alternative outfit Station 2, Knabbe and Abdale joined forces with Barile in the summer of 2004. Early sets in Long Island and Manhattan clubs showed promise and potential, showcasing Barile’s towering bellow as just one of the band’s trademarks. Throughout ’05 and ‘06, the Anywheres tightened their live set and wrote together, culminating in The Anywheres, the group’s self-produced debut album. The album, a true hybrid of styles, prompted Good Times Magazine to proclaim the Anywheres as “already better than some of the regional acts that signed to national indies of late…not just any band; a band with a real future, performing real music.”

With a full-length LP in their catalog, the live shows commenced to take off. Crowd favorites developed rapidly, led by the audience scream-along “Start the Clock,” the profound funkiness of “The Swear,” and the raw, jagged edges of “Lube.” During this time, the Anywheres shared stages with such notable bands as Phantom Planet, Wheatus, and Badfish. Setting the Anywheres apart from other bands was the prominence of the bass guitar, which Knabbe began to exercise as a lead instrument more than ever.

In 2009, the Anywheres were ready to step into the studio again, this time selecting veteran producer/engineer Damon Whittemore to man the helm at Brooklyn’s GödelString Studio. What they ended up with was Sidecar: a four-song EP that captured the openness, intensity, and musicianship of the Anywheres at their respective peaks. Sidecar’s first track, “(If I’m Not) Mistaken,” is a funky, frolicking romp through the band’s psyche, that has Barile manically declaring, “If I was a time bomb, I already blew!” “LoDuca,” a groovy-grungy tune that is equal parts Gnarls Barkley and Nirvana, comes complete with a scorching Abdale drum solo and a screaming finale. “Punctual,” an indie power ballad of sorts, features Barile’s brother Matt on piano and showcases the Anywheres at their most poignant and melancholic, with Barile reliving the details of heartbreak with poetic honesty. It is the EP’s closer, “RocketFuel,” a mid-tempo rocker that recalls the murkier side of Pearl Jam, which contains perhaps the EP’s most fittingly contradictory lyric: “It’s only mind games/It’s only war.”

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