The Ape Invaders

The Ape Invaders


You know when you're really hungry, and you want some amazing food, but you don't want anything too intense, as to not get completely blown away, but you want complete satisfaction? The music of The Ape Invaders is as such to the ears- sharp enough to satisfy, yet "chilled" enough to relax to.


In January of 2004, when Harry Miree met Steven Lane, little did they know that their Catholic High School had brought them together for a reason. The two of them, along with Bobby Wason, would set out to bring good times and good music to the rest of the world. Today, they are called The Ape Invaders- you may have seen them at a house party, on SpeakEasy TV from Tuscaloosa, or even at Birmingham's Zydeco. You probably saw them with Sister Hazel at Sloss Furnace. Regardless, they uphold their dreams to this day: bringing good times and good music to the world.


The Ape Invaders (4/2005)- Produced by Harry Miree
When Worlds Collide (10/2005)- Produced by Frank Chitwood
Mulligans! (5/2007)- Produced by James Harb- Find it now on iTunes!

*Both recordings are sold independently and are not affiliated with any record label

Set List

We play a repertoire of about 30 songs that get played in a random fashion. We decide the set opener and closer, and then proceed to fill up the set with songs we haven't played in a while or songs that have been crowd favorites. The songs we play are as follows:
2.)The Extreme Crunchy
3.)Superfly: Menace To Society
4.)Cabin Song
5.)Temptations of the Arsenist
6.)Paper George
7.)Magic Beans
9.)Surprise Reprise
10.)Bullfrog's Expedition
12.)Samba Jamba
14.)Liza's Tragedy
Here are some covers that we play. Most of them come from Dave Matthews Band:
15.)Dave Matthews Band- #41
16.)Fuel- Shimmer
17.)Dave Matthews Band- Tripping Billies
18.)Elton John- Tiny Dancer
19.)Dave Matthews Band- All Along The Watchtower
20.)Lynyrd Skynyrd- Freebird