The Apex Collective

The Apex Collective


Formely known as Synesthesia and originally formed in 2010, The Apex Collective are a four piece melodic alt rock band who are not afraid to do a bit of experimenting. As a live show the band use many synth samples to great effect.


The Apex Collective regard themselves as a group of Artists and free-thinkers alike who convey ideas through several different themes of live performance aswell as on Record. Each member of The Apex Collective has an equal influence in every facet of the groups existence. The live performances use themes to directly affect emotions within the viewer. Although there is only four core musicians they refer to themselves to The Collective and hold themselves in regard as a collective group, not just as four people. This helps in disregarding the idea of ego in a band situation. For far too long music has been held back by the ego of the musicians playing and performing it...

The band are currently in the process of recording their debut E.P with working title Western
Eyes, This is due for release on the 17th of September. To promote the release the band will be touring the U.K playing shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, London and Cambridge.