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The Apple Band Project

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This music will transport you to your golden 70-80-90’s rock music roots. The Apple Band Project crafts top quality adult contemporary original rock music using the best of modern production techniques found on hits today. Visit their web pages, listen to their music and buy it.


The Apple Band was created on 1977, by Guillermo Delgado Aparicio and David Paredes while they attended high school. They grew up with their fathers’ 60’s and 70’s music, and dreamed of becoming musicians. They performed their first concert at the age of 15, playing Eagles, Beatles, BTO, Super Tramp and Toto covers while Oscar Bravo (drums), joined the group a little later. Guillermo, David and Oscar attended classical music studies in different schools but had to postpone them due to their demanding engineering and science under-graduate studies at the university. They continued playing with The Apple Band from time to time. Oscar Ruchelli (lead voice) and Coqui Linares (lead guitar) have recently joined the Band completing the crew and renaming it as The Apple Band Project.

“Roots”, the band’s first album, brings a perfect combination of rock, soul and blues passages. The band was dedicated full time to recording this album. Guillermo composed all the songs, while Oscar Bravo, Saul Cornejo and Guillermo produced them. “It was a huge effort, but it was worth the time to take care of each detail of the tracks”, say Guillermo and Oscar B. “By having Saul on board, we brought all of his experience and remarkable talent to polish each song”, David remarks. “Roots” will be available on stores and on-line by October 2008. Now the Band is focused on its next production: “Today”.

At the University, Guillermo played with the Classical Orchestra and learned how to play the Bass among several instruments. At the same time he continued playing with The Apple Band and was invited to participate as a studio recording musician by several groups. He studied Songwriting at Berklee on-line School of Music, receiving the Celebrities Scholarship for his outstanding grades and music. Now he is studying his Master in Songwriting and Music Business at Berklee. He received Golden and Platinum awards for his arrangements and songs in his independent production last year.

David studied classic guitar at the Bach Institute. After being a Beatles' fan at school, during college he cultivated folk acoustic music and later developed an interest in experiment other music styles and MIDI recording. At the same time he continued playing with The Apple Band and has participated in its last production: “Roots”.

In 1990, Oscar founded an audio recording and post-production facility: Gamma Studios. For more than 15 years, he managed the studio, produced several top artists and commercial spots. He continued playing with The Apple Band and has been invited by several artists to participate as a musician for both, recording sessions and live performances. He also received a Golden and Platinum awards for his joined participation as co-producer with Guillermo last year.

Oscar Ruchelli has recently joined the band. His powerful voice brings an excellent vibe to the songs. Oscar is quite creative with melodies and his musical background: Yes, Genesis, Beatles, among others, blend together to give to his performance a unique style.

Coqui Linares brings a fresh sound and a superb set of riffs and cadences to the Band’s songs. Coqui masters the guitar and his solos are quite memorable. His influences include Carlos Santana and Joe Satriani, roots that are reflected in his work.

For the recording sessions the band brought other musicians such as Paul Weisenfeld. Paul started playing trumpet in his junior high school band in Queens, NY in the late 1970s. He continued playing R&B and band music into College and also studied classical music and jazz. After more than a ten-year hiatus from music, he picked up and taught himself the soprano saxophone in the mid 1990s. This past year he started playing the alto saxophone and continues his broad interests in R&B, jazz and rock.

The Apple Band Project brings a unique style, while its roots are perfectly recognizable on its songs. Its songs sound so contemporary that they grab the listener immediately. Their lyrics and melodies are extremely memorable, a perfect choice for good music lovers, with rich vocal harmonies, spirited grooves, while vintage accessories enrich their production.


Fire at the Theater

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

You got my attention
on a Broadway winter's night
your move sensation
drives me crazy and feels alright

We look at each other
and the dance got me inside
the show begins, oh yeah
pull the curtain, turn on the lights

Fire, Fire!

Fire at the theatre tonight
Fire at the theatre tonight!

Each character
plays a role and a script tonight
a hot storyboard
sexy music, cheese and wine

Fire at the theatre tonight
Fire is the power that's behind
Fire at the theatre tonight
Fire at the theater tonight

And when it’s time to go
and the audience leaves behind
the empty quite hall
where passion blew the night


Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

When you wake up every day
and the light just shocks your face
all you wanna do is to stay in bed
And when everything seems wrong
even best friends now are gone
and your loneliness erodes your soul

You have to break it! Go for it! Go for it Now!

your ceiling is the sky
your fire is there to live
and leave the ash behind

So you change the blue for red
throw the darkness from your head
and you'll find the rhythm inside of you
This is what life is about
snatch for good times all around
blow away those shadows from your way

So Close so Far

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

Last night I walked along the shore
while the wind danced on top of the waves
I was trying to wash my restless thoughts away

The echo of your distant voice
seems further away every day
and your cool indifference was too hard
was too hard to take

So close and so far, So close and so far
we used to love each other but
but we drifted far apart
So close and so far

So things happened so fast
and I didn't notice the signs
when you looked at me
the love was gone
it was gone from your eyes

I'll be back to the sea
to let go of your memory
And it will be a time
when close is far
and far is gone

So close and so far, So close and so far
It's time to say goodbye
and move on, our lives (will be)
So close and so far

Piano Teacher

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

Every night he grieves his wife
in a count of 4 by 4
and he plays to heal his life
lighted by a candle

And I thought he didn't care
all the chords I played along
and his face just looked stern
while I keyed my assignment

Piano Teacher
Piano Teacher
all along, all along, all along

I recall this lonely folk
playing tenths of minor scales
lost in pictures placed on top
his beloved Steinway

And it took me by surprise
when I saw my photo there
with a note he sticked upside
"to my fave and lovely grandchild"

Piano Teacher, Piano Teacher
You taught me how to play
playing all those classic songs
I thought you didn't care
If I was fine or I was wrong

That's enough for me

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

I leave it all up, I leave it all up to you
I'm feeling your love
but your ways are not cool
The minute I like it warm,
the minute you like it cold
Gosh, fussing and arguing
are not funny at all

Give me a reason to still
I'm just a fool who believes
there's only just one thing to care

Love me if you will (I wanna say)
Love me if you will
Love me if you will (I wanna say)
Love me if you will
...and that's enough for me

And time will go by
I'm sure you'll be easy then
our home will become a shelter to stay At last you'll realize
that it was worth the faith
that loving and fighting wasn't really a mistake

I Love my Dog

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

I hate this river, it's boring brown
I hate this small town no one's around
I may recall my golden years
working at the mine
and now that money is gone
the only friend I've got
So, I love my dog, I love my dog

I had a wife, her name was Ruth
had pretty golden hair she was so cute
She said she loved me all the time
and I trusted her
but while I was away
she was cheating on me, my friend
So, I love my dog, I love my dog

And when I feel that is the time
I need some space to be okay
and think about my mistakes
I'll need someone just to listen and to stay
so I love my dog, I love my dog

My beard is gray now it should be shaved
chewing tobacco my teeth decay
I know there soon will be a time
that I'll be back
but while I'm gone away
there's no better 'n loyal friend
So, I love my dog, I love my dog

The Paperboy

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

Early morning
he grabs the papers
the dawn breaks with his bike
While his future looms
down every roadway,
wheeling away his life

Maybe just a little kid
but his iron is in the fire
and he brings the news to me
I expect he may be tired
he never gives up
oh Paperboy

Pays his tuition
coin by coin
a pretty penny he will get
put his childhood
on hold, at day
to chase a dream he won't regret

Good day! Miss Randal
Hello! Mr. Nash
the paper shows scandals
and hides the good ones

He raises up his hand
and throws out a wish
the time will come
when he will get it

Now, Now!

Now his life
has brought some changes
so much effort was worth to make
Now he grabs his papers
from his own courtyard
and his old bike is resting by his lake
(Oh paperboy)

The way she moves

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

The winter New York City had just begun
it found myself hunting at the bar
for chicks...or tricks...
I saw her standing shining at the dancing floor
I pulled her softly to get her closer to me...and feel...

The way she moved
humbling my blues
this hottie girl
drove me insane

And now she's gone
my place is cold
and it’s all to do
with the way she moves

I really passed out drinking my 6th scotch
I woke up naked in a bed of a dirty dorm
she's gone...I thought...

I pulled the curtain took a look at the neighborhood
she just got in his car and saw the awful truth
She was not mine...

Listen brother, I don’t mean to bother you, but I’ve been young too and I got to give you some advice
This girl you’re talking about,
she’s not just for you,
she's the kind of woman that drains you,
she squezees you then deserts you...
I got to tell you: just go home
(I just can't...)

Say it!

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

I've just received your early morning call today
you wanna dump me again and call it quits
And in the afternoon you sent me a nice e-mail
a lovely greeting card saying "you regret..."

How many times we said good-bye
shoot me a different pitch to understand

Say that you don't love me (any more)
Say it! and I will leave ('n I will leave)

Maybe you take me on the run, and you are free
unless your feelings go deeper than your oaths
For me it's time to let you go, and let you see
that playing tricks with love may bring some tears

And in the end you know we will be there
for all the things we loved and all the things we care!!!

My Little Child

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

When I tuck you in at night
and kiss your cheek and dim the lights
I may see the peace reflected on your face
But then I watch the evening news
full of poverty, crime and abuse
and I want to ward you off from the disgrace
What can we do? We'll see it through...

My little child
I will fight just to give you a world that is fine
My little child
I'll bring peace to your freedom
My little child

So let's take from what we've learned
what we've learned from our mistakes
it's the time to start it over once again
We hold the future in our hands
and close the distance between us
just keep on trying it,
you know there is no end

Maybe we all regret
for the pain we've brought outset
but it's time, wake up 'n see
there's another way to live
raising flags of mighty peace around,
here, there and everywhere
it's time to work this out, it's time to work this out

All-in 4 Love

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

It's a Vegas story
you had a lover but you folded your heart
despite all the cards you've dealt
you haven't learned to begin so far

You challenged the odds,
and you lost
but one never knows,
(what would happened)
if maybe you'd won......

Hello, Hello
draw your card with and open heart
So long, So long
let it go if it doesn't fit or match
Hello, Hello
but just keep trying your hand at love
So long, so long
you'll see the right card will come along
Go all-in for love

Some don't doubt to jump in the game
they'll bet their lives to win their pair
put your chips on the table frame
open your hand to love if you dare

The House of the Lonely Man

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

Everything is painted
in ebony black and ivory white
a glass of wine stands there
his only company in the endless night

This is the place time lasts forever
this is his choice of trusting no one
his fire is cold so far and ever
this is the house, of the lonely man

He walks the streets to buy his grocery stuff
he's alone at the impersonal mart
and suddenly a cute girl shoots him with a smile
that drop melts his stony heart

It may be a place time lasts forever
It may be a choice of trusting no one
his fire seems cold so far and ever
this is the house, of the lonely man

She didn't know but she broke the spell
her tiny drop loosed all his ways

This was the place time lasted forever
this was his choice of trusting no one
his fire was cold so far and never more
this was the house of the lonely man
(This was the house of the Lonely Man)

Sally Blane

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

It's mid golden 20's, she's an actress to trace
rehearsing the lines in her films
in low budget movies having some parts to chase
will those roles bring on the fame
to Sally Blane

How many roles she embraced
before she found her place

Sally Blane, oh Sally Blane
no perfect role here to play
even it looked somehow they were the same
she made it, she made it
she made it
oh, Sally Blane

She did love her marriage and cherished her kids
such roles for a woman to care
She found lovely stories whether acted or lived
and long last an Oscar just went
to Sally Blane

The woman, the actress
and tenth other roles
there's no role that's better
than others at all

Jump (Introspective)

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

When you wake up every day
and the light just shocks your face
all you wanna do is to stay in bed
And when everything seems wrong
even best friends now are gone
and your loneliness erodes your soul

your ceiling is the sky
your fire is there to live
and leave the ash behind (and leave the ash behind) (BIS)

So you change the blue for red
throw the darkness from your head
and you'll find the rhythm inside of you
This is what life is about
snatch for good times all around
blow away those shadows from your way

First Christmas Snow

Written By: Guillermo Delgado-Aparicio

I’m sitting in my room alone
I'm looking through the window glow
snow has brought to my life
a pretty lonely canvas
waiting for a coat of paint

And even when she lived with me
my loneliness was so revealed
she needed me and I liked
the way she loved me but I
I didn’t synch with her requests

First Christmas snow
there's no need to blame your fall in our lives
on that night
sometimes is better to just move on
at Christmas snow
First Christmas snow

The candle lights in winter nights
she’ll find some hope deep in her eyes
and looking for new sunshine
we may be hurt sometimes
and we’ll recall that Christmas Snow

First Christmas Snow
First Christmas Snow (bis)



In this collection, we wanted to honor the music of our parents and siblings, music that we listened to in the 70's, 80's and 90's, music that shaped and inspired us, such as The Beatles, Toto, Supertramp, Yes, Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees, REM, and Nirvana. By overlaying harmonies from classical and jazz music onto these roots, we created a fresh, new, and revitalized 80's sound. With easy-to-sing melodies and memorable lyrics, this CD is the perfect companion for your car and personal MP3 player!