The Apple Blossoms

The Apple Blossoms


Thick percussion behind uplifting, bright guitar; supported by authentic lyrical thought. The Apple Blossoms write, perform, and produce original music. They record their music in a little 1924 bungalow on a quiet street in Deland, FL.


The Apple Blossoms were formed in a Yurt tucked away in a forest of longleaf pines by brothers Colin and Harrison (HB) Menzel on the Treasure Coast of Florida in late 2005. That year would be the birth of their D.I.Y. approach to getting their music heard. Harrison and Colin would record E.P.'s every month or so, design packages made out of old cardboard vinyl covers, and give them to their friends and music connoisseurs at shows. The Apple Blossoms' first public appearance was at Colin's senior year talent show were he brought along HB for a rockabilly/sonic explosion take on J. Cash's Hit "Ring of Fire". Winning 2nd place and receiving 50 dollars as prize money gave Colin and HB the confidence to continue making their home grown albums and playing shows.

Three years later having matured musically, mentally, and physically; The Apple Blossoms are only now beginning to find their stride. Having released their first official E.P. "La Paloma" on their independent label Ride Around Studios last summer, The Apple Blossoms have received positive feedback from their audiences.

"The Apple Blossoms have a quintessential Florida Folk sound, representing a new genre uniquely evolved from the Americana movement. A natural brother synergy lifts original minimalist orchestration into its own world, while honest and inviting vocals encourage their listeners to daydream again."


La Paloma EP - released 2007
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea EP - released 2006
Join The Apple Corp EP - released 2005
I Think I'll Stick Around EP- released 2005
Dawn Til Dusk We Do What We Must EP - released 2005

-Radio Play-
Daytona Beach, Fla.
Rampart St "La Paloma" EP - The Scene Radio Show WHOG 95.7 FM
Ode To The Alligator "La Paloma" EP - The Scene Radio Show WHOG 95.7 FM
Rain Swamp Storm "La Paloma" EP - The Scene Radio Show WHOG 95.7 FM

Pacific Beach, WA
"La Paloma" EP - KXPB 89.7

Set List

The Apple Blossoms have original material to provide music and banter for two 45 minute sets or one 90 minute set. They can also do a marathon set (if required) of four hours.

A few covers might be thrown into the mix.

"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" - The Beatles
"Out On The Weekend" - Neil Young
"Hesitation Blues" - Rev. Gary Davis
"Howlin' At The Moon" - Hank Williams, Sr.
"Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash