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"These ladies offer their fruit, worms and all."

Critics Pick
Best of Comedy 2008

"There's something gut-funny and satisfying about watching gorgeous, leggy ladies inexplicably make themselves unattractive, a tenet Amy Sedaris proves again and again."
- Time Out NY - Time Out New York

"Fireside Chats ain't got nothing on the Apple Sisters."

"1940s Americana isn't typical sketch-comedy fodder, but that doesn't deter the Apple Sisters, who lovingly recreate the radio era onstage with endearing chemistry and a host of solid musical numbers. In the show, the Sisters broadcast their witty tunes directly to our brave boys fighting Nazi Germany, interspersing the music with slapstick choreography and live commercial breaks à la Amos 'n Andy. Sarah Lowe, Rebekka Johnson, and Kimmy Gatewood bring impressive improv pedigrees to the production, along with an ironic sense of history reminiscent of an outdated public-school textbook."
- Flavorpill - Flavorpill

"Apple Sisters put shine on sketch comedy festival"

"I might have laughed more at the trio's Friday night show, but only if my jaw hadn't kept dropping at the brilliance of the concept and writing and the happy audacity of its execution."
- The Oregonian - The Oregonian

"The Apple Don't Fall Far from the tree"

"It's a tight thirty-minutes of close harmony, ingenious choreography and broad comedy."
-The Villager - The Villager

"The Apple Sisters Finale"

"There is definitely something magical about the girls and the people they've surrounded themselves with that seems to always make the show a success." -The Apiary - The Apiary

"My Favorite Apple"

"Favorites included the Apple Sisters, an all-singing, all tap-dancing trio who create a sweet nostalgia for the great music of the 1940s while chirpily sneaking in a few double entendres."
- Seattle Weekly - Seattle Weekly

"Pick of the Week"

"It's Sarah Silverman meets the Shaggs" - LA Times - LA Times

"One a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"

"What: A cheeky play on a ’40s-era radio broadcast, complete with original dances; three-part harmonies; and sponsors like Corndy, the corn-flavored candy.
Why: One a day keeps the doctor away." -Daily Candy - Daily Candy

"Cute to the Core"

"With a flair for fast physical humor and extreme silliness, the performances unfold like a wacky comedy of errors." -NY Press - NY Press

"The Decider: The Apple Sisters"

Candy, Seedy, and Cora are The Apple Sisters, a trio of doe-eyed lovelies who have emerged untouched from the 1940s, their prime-time radio variety show in tow. The performers behind the Apples’ antics (Rebekka Johnson, Sarah Lowe, and Kimmy Gatewood, respectively) have not only tuneful voices but also sharp comedic timing and a great sense of physicality to boot. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of pretty girls undermine their assets by spitting corn all over one another. They’re back in New York for one night only with their Sea To Shining Sea, Coast to Coast tour, so catch them before they head back to L.A.,65476/ - The Onion


Apple Sisters Original Shows:
"It's Valentine's Day"
"March of March"
"It's April, Fools!"
"May Queen"
"Hollywood, Here We Come"
"Trick or Treat"
"Thanks for Stuffing"
"Holidoozy Christ-mess Special"
"Be Mine...Or Else!"
"Right to Bare Charms"
"Shipshape Shenanigans"

Some Song Titles:
"Pink Wine"
"Hey there Puddin'"
"April Fool for You"
"Pilgrim/Indian Song"
"War is Great!"
"Cheryl is a funny name for a boy"
"Stuff Me"
"G-O-D is the man for me"
"Spring into Spring"
"Shut up!"
"March of March"
"Turkey Jerky"
"Three Little Merry Murderers"
"McClure's Pickles"
"Ration Fashion"
"Rebels with Caws"
"Oh we oh Hawaii"
"Dit Dit Dit Thar She Blew"
"What the Cluck?"

Commissioned Work:
Theme Song for comedy web series
Comedy Song for Mercy Corps Benefit "Kill the Hungry"



Watch this!

How they met: The gals met in 2006 at the People's Improv Theatre in New York City. They all came from very different backgrounds - Sarah Lowe, a Broadway singer and dancer had just come back from the Vegas production of Mama Mia! Rebekka Johnson, an improviser who was on the MTV cult hit 'Boiling Points,' and Kimmy Gatewood, singing comedian, who just directed a nerd rap documentary and a tour with Chicago City Limits. Kimmy and Sarah had never met before, but Rebekka thought they should write a comedy show together. So Kimmy and Rebekka met at a local watering hole and called Sarah (who at the time was in LA - so Kimmy didn't actually meet Sarah in person until 2 months later). They all had a passion for comedy, song, and dance. The conversation went like this:
Rebekka: I want to do a variety show
Kimmy: I want to do a 1940s show
Sarah: Let's call ourselves the Apple Sisters.
It was that easy - and that chemistry has never left the group since that very moment.

A lil' history: THE APPLE SISTERS is a 1940s radio show with a modern twist. Packed with original songs, dances and slapstick, they're sure to put a smile to your face, with only modest product endorsement (sponsored by Corndy! Corn Flavored Candy.)

THE APPLE SISTERS have enjoyed virtually overnight success in New York City, where they are the toast of the town after sold-out performances every week at the Peoples Improv Theater. For an entire year and a half, THE APPLE SISTERS wrote and produced a brand new hour-long 1940s-radio style musical show every month, and recently completed a full length musical featuring their most popular numbers. THE APPLE SISTERS have come a long way in a very short time. They have been featured in the world famous Just for Laughs Festival "Sketch Show" directed by Bob Odenkirk, opened for singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson at the Bowery Ballroom and Webster Hall, performed with comedy legend Chevy Chase and the cast of Saturday Night Live at the "Mercy Corps Benefit" and performed their shows at sketch comedy festivals in New York, Charleston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. Recently, they appeared on Comedy Central's The Gong Show with Dave Attell. They are the winners of the peer, industry, and audience voted ECNY Award for Best Musical Act, and they enjoyed a rare performance with legendary 1930s radio actor Arthur Anderson.

Meet the girls:
REBEKKA JOHNSON (Candy Apple), best known for her work on the MTV hit show Boiling Points has performed in various sketch and improv shows across the country, including The Neutrino Video Projects which was an official selection at the 2004 HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. She has performed in many shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre including Killgore The Musical and Gravid Water. She currently teaches improvisation at The Peoples Improv Theater. Rebekka recently appeared on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. She has also leant her distinctive voice to numerous commercial radio campaigns. (

KIM GATEWOOD (Cora Apple) can be seen and heard in tons of national commercials and voiceovers. She was named Best of Time Out NY, ECNY Best Musical Act Nominee, and Andy Kaufman Semi-Finalist. She has performed at every improv theatre in NYC, including a 4½ year stint with the off-Broadway show Chicago City Limits. Her writing credits include Oxygen, Idiots Guide to Jokes, Carrie: the Musical and numerous industrials. She is a partner at Vaguely Qualified Productions which produced Comedy Central's The Watch List and the feature documentary film Nerdcore Rising (SXSW Film Festival). Kimmy teaches at the Peoples Improv Theater. Check out her latest music video on

SARAH LOWE (Seedy Apple) actually grew up back stage with a Director/Stage manager Father and a Broadway dancing Mother. She has been performing in television, commercials and stage shows since childhood. Some of her credits include the off-Broadway hit The Donkey Show and the premiere Las Vegas production of Mamma Mia, as well as pretty much ALL the soaps. She has performed at the Peoples Improv Theater with the improv team The Baldwins. Her grandmother on her mother's side was in the 1930s radio group "The Clark Sisters" and her grandmother on her father's side was Ruby Keeler. She couldn't be more pleased or at home with The Apple Sisters. Sarah is currently performing in Jersey Boys in Las Vegas.

Meet their alter egos:
CANDY APPLE is the middle child. When Candy's not doing splits or "nailing it," she fights for women's rights, beaver rights, and dyke rights - someone has to look out for those sea walls in Holland! This spunky, sexy spit-fire misses her husband, Cheryl, who is a man fighting in the war overseas. Cheryl sure is a funny name for a boy!

CORA APPLE is the youngest of the sisters (but she'll never reveal her age.)