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Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Metal Metal




"Album Review"

Monday, March 14, 2011
The Approach and The Execution-The Blood March
Self Release

For all of my regular readers who follow my reviews (yes, I am referring to all of you over at Glenbeigh and the Ohio Reformatory for Women) you should already know that I am pretty high right now on the Buckeye metal scene. You can't blame me for my surprise at finding out that there is more going on around these parts than just Chimaira and Mushroomhead. I mean the mainstream music media (or as I like to call it the bathroom reading mags that I would line a birdcage with) would lead you to believe that our metal community is as tired as our sports teams. Nothing could be future from the truth my friends! The Approach and The Execution hail from Akron, Ohio (don't hold the whole LeBron James debacle against them-remember you can pick your poison but you can't pick your neighbors or something like that!) and have been around since 2008. Despite only a few years under their belt and already attempting to orchestrate a musical takeover over of the prog/metalcore/power/thrash genre these five guys (and one gal) have put out a very accomplished album in The Blood March. The band might sound at first as if made up of dozens of different metal musicians especially as it seems like everyone takes a crack at the vocals. In reality though it's just Michael Notte-vocals/guitar, Julie Peterson-vocals/keys, Jeremy Langham-vocals/guitar, Nick Kozono-vocals/bass, Andy Fisher-lead guitar and Riley Kovac-drums banging out ten battle hymn anthems. Rest assured boys and girls this isn't some "Dance party USA teeny bopper type of shit" lyrics either. Lyricist Jeremy Langham weaves a tale filled with such rich imagery that you really do need the lyric sheet in front of you to appreciate just how involved the story is. And of course the music is pretty killer to. I wouldn't even begin to know how to describe a band that is equal parts Killswitch Engage, Megadeth, Dragonforce, Coheed and Cambria and Iron Maiden. All I know is that I haven't obsessed over something like The Blood March since that whole unfortunate "incident" with the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament blond female soccer player back in the eighties (and man I needed years of therapy to get over that issue so I hope The Blood March is worth it!). Find out for yourself why this album draws me in like a zombie in need of brains at the group's Myspace page below. My Top 25 of 2011 is going to be tough at the end of the year with great album's like this popping up only three months out!

- Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Concert Review"

Cleveland's own The Approach and the Execution started things off. As much as people may complain about shows where the venue books ten opening acts, starting at 5pm, being the only opener in front of a local legend like Shok Paris and the real reason that everybody came out, Sabaton, is no easier. Let's be honest: nobody is there to see you. I'm glad I saw these guys. These guys play the most non-cliched power metal I've heard in a long time. No war, nor horses, no armor, none of that - but their riffs and their metal still managed to conjure up the likes of Manowar. That they play that same, grand style of metal with a more contemporary almost thrash mentality and lyrical approach is a testament another band that they reminded me of, by the way) to their ability to take some of the great metal that is out there and make it their own. If you're looking for something that's truly fresh but don't necessarily want to sacrifice all of the metal that you already love, check these guys out. - Domain Cleveland

"Album Review"

This week, we’re pleased to feature Akron, Ohio’s The Approach And The Execution. The six piece progressive/metal group has made a splash in their local scene with their latest album The Blood March. They’ve also made a name for themselves having opened for bands like Scale The Summit, The Human Abstract, Power Glove, Otep, and many others. The Approach And The Execution’s blend of power metal with melodic death metal elements reminds us of early Children Of Bodom combined with Dragonforce. While their guitar riffs certainly stand out in their music, a main source of the band’s epic sound comes from them having not one, not two, but THREE vocalists (a male clean singer, a male growler, and a female clean singer/keyboardist). So without further ado, take a listen to The Approach And The Execution’s song “The Plague Knows No Prejudice,” off the album The Blood March, in the stream down below. - Metal Insider

"Awards and Honors - Top 5 Self Released Albums of 2011"

One of the Top 5 Self Released Albums of 2011!!! - Infernal Masquerade

"Album Review"

With all the new ‘modern’ Metal coming out these days, it is really hard to find bands that are actually doing something to improve things rather than copy everybody else. The Approach & the Execution (TA&TE from now on) does a great job in mixing a bit of everything and somewhat creating a familiar sound that will appeal fans from all areas of Metal and can be commercialized in the current ‘trendy’ Metal markets and maybe in some underground ones as well.

With a very diverse approach to Metal the band combines fast paced guitar work and melodic sections of Melodic Death Metal. They also mix several styles of vocals ranging from female clean vocals, growls, semi-shrieks and clean male vocals creating very interesting vocal sections. If this wasn’t enough, there are some clear indications of traditional Heavy Metal elements in the supper catchy and powerful chorus sections in the last songs of the album. All of these elements sound like the perfect recipe for disaster, but the band somehow manages to pulls it off graciously.

Starting with a very pretentious intro (something out of a Audi commercial), the band quickly moves into solid guitar riffs and solos that will put many kiddies to shame, and all of this is only in the intro song. With the ‘real’ opening track “The March of the Guillotine” the band shows their guitar skills on the opening section, very much like Children of Bodom and similar bands. The combination of growls and semi-shrieks is pretty well crafted, and then the clean vocal leads come (both female and male) and this song moves into another level of greatness.

In an eerily similar way to the classic “Hollowed by thy Name”, the album’s next song “Alas, the Awakening” is very catchy in the beginning. This quickly progresses to a mixture of several vocal styles and very well crafted changes in the music. This is pretty much how most of the songs are crafted; they all feature very well constructed structures that change over the course of the song. Their approach of growls/shrieks then clean vocal leads seems to be a bit formulaic at points (like on “Earth’s Final Solstice”), but the quality of these sections keeps them entertaining.

There is no shortage of riffs, melodic sections, and solos through the album and in songs like “Conversing the Guillotine”, “Death’s Sentence”, and “On the Day that Sets Us Free”, the band will blow you away with some of their guitar acrobatics and a very solid bass guitar line.

In general, TA&TE has managed to release an excellent album that should set the standard for many bands that don’t even have 10% of the talent of this band and yet they have a recording deal. While there are plenty of modern Metal elements that might be rejected by Metal ‘traditionalists’, the band surely makes up for them with intelligent songwriting and brilliant execution. Any Metal fan should respect this band for their talent and creativity, so be sure to pick up a copy of this excellent release and keep an eye out for this band. - Infernal Masquerade

"Album Review"

This Akron-based prog-metal band aims big on its debut, a concept album about a medieval philosopher who winds up in jail because of his radical beliefs. Before you can say 2112, his apprentice gathers a freedom-fighting army. You'll have to scroll through the lyrics to get to the story, since the caterwauling vocals and heavy guitars on The Blood March are loud and aggressive. The Approach and the Execution have a wild card in keyboardist Julee Peterson, whose operatic voice helps distinguish songs like "The March of the Guillotine (The Blood March)" and "The Plague Knows No Prejudice." Most of the time, the band plays it fast and furious. But when they slow things down — like on "Earth's Final Solstice" and "A Lesson Forever Undone" — they find a sort of inner peace. - Cleveland Scene Magazine

"The Approach & The Execution EP Review"

"The first song off this three song EP blends a little (too much) Megadeth with some paganistic goth metal, nu metal, and every once in a while, a vocal harmony that feels like Kansas. Confused? Maybe that's a good thing.

With hard metal riffs, melodic wailing guitars, cool little piano licks, clever tempo changes and moods that switch faster than your girlfriends, it's instantly clear that the band has way above par songwriting chops, though they're wounded by one of the singers' almost perfect Dave Mustaine imitation. With a little work and some serious intervention-style producing, I feel like this could be really good.

This EP's sound is too big for it's production quality, and it's a helluva lot more interesting than most wankmetal releases. Any three-song record should showcase a band's different strengths, and with variety and ascension above nu-crap idiocy, their strengths are promising."

D. Beall
- Buzzbin Magazine - Akron, OH


Still working on that hot first release.



Hailing from the kingdom of steel, Cleveland, OH, The Approach & The Execution have managed to craft and champion a fresh perspective and sound to the metal scene since their conception.

Classic and melodic metal riffs accompanied by blistering, intricate solos stemming from a three headed monster guitar arsenal is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for TA&TE. This, combined with progressive undertones and a raw overarching power within their music, couple perfectly with majestic and haunting vocal harmonies and growls that are certain to awaken your inner Norseman.

This refreshing, metal genre bending adventure keeps any metal fan (young and young at heart) on the edge of their seat and always ready for more!

With performances equaling the fierceness and ferocity that the music brings, TA&TE's live shows are a fire storm of intensity and fun, engulfing the venue in an unrelenting way, and not stopping until the last note is played!

TA&TE has shared the stage with Turisas, Unearth, All Shall Perish, Scale The Summit, Sabaton, The Human Abstract, Tyr, Power Glove, Ale Storm, Fear Before, Haste The Day, Korpiklaani, Arkona, Suicide Silence, Arsis, Moonsorrow, Straight Line Stitch, Red Fang, Otep, My Children My Bride, and August Burns Red.

The Approach & The Execution are a perfect fit for fans of Iron Maiden, Protest The Hero, Ensiferum, Trivium, Tyr, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Opeth, DragonForce and Metallica.

Currently, The Approach & The Execution are touring and performing in support of their debut full-length concept album entitled "The Blood March" and have been receiving rave reviews from local, regional, and national outlets including ranking as one of only two American bands in the top five self releases of 2011, according to Infernal Masquerade

The Approach & The Execution are on The Blood March! Join them as soon as possible in a city near you!!!!