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Couldn't This Be

Written By: Glenn Howard

Late night, it's freezing
I'm shivering in your doorway
My mind was wandering
My tired feet led me here
You lead me inside
I'm stammering in your hallway
Sometimes what the head makes hazy
Your heart beats crystal clear

Couldn't this be somebody else's problem now
Couldn't we drive away and never turn around
Couldn't we make amends and say we never found our way back home
'cause we're right where we wanna be now

Throw my keys on the table
You put a cup in my hand
You make everything seem so easy
Things never go like I planned
Your mind is amaxing
Your spirit can dance on air
Somebody who makes things happen
While others just stand and stare


I know each night must have a morning after
I hope in time we'll find our case to answer for is gone...

Ch x2


Self titled 4 track EP - 2009

Set List

working set list of 30 originals

can play a selection of covers: INXS, Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Cold Chisel