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The Archetypes

Beaumont, Texas, United States | SELF

Beaumont, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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2012: Origins Of Existence
Released: TBA 2012
Label: Flight 88 / Eagle Division
Format: CD, Digital download

Extended Plays
2012: The Paradigm Shift EP
Released: 1st/2nd Quarter 2012
Label: Flight 88 /Eagle Division
Format: CD, Digital download


2011: C.L.A.S.S.I.C.
2011: The Carte Blanche Project



In modern day music one's sound is generally defined by their region of residence. Add this formula to the fact that most musical groups never last and you've got your typical band. To sum this up it would mean that those who dare to tread this water will often end up having their boat sink. Meet The Archetypes, a Beaumont based trio whose musical mannerisms extend far beyond the state border of Texas. The three man group is comprised of MC (Roland "Ro" Ward), MC and producer (John "Joseph" Payton) and DJ and producer (William "J. Grand" Sherman).

Despite not having an official release to their name The Archetypes have already built a buzz among industry and label heads anticipating their official debut. "It's been long overdue but everything is finally starting to come around full circle," says John Joseph. "Things didn't really get going until late 2009, a couple days after Christmas but before New Year's, that's when I got the phone call from Warner Bros. Records. After that, the rest hit the fan." Like John Joseph, Ro and J. Grand all hail from the small city of Beaumont but base the center of their operations out of Houston. "We haven't made the jump yet but we all know that the time is coming. I love my city but there is only so much you can do here," John Joseph added.

"What You Know by T.I. That was undeniably the first song I heard that really moved me to make music," says John, who along with the group sites a modern influence from Kanye West, T.I., and Jay-Z. "I remember when I was young my father had a reel to reel tape recorder and I thought it was the coolest looking thing. I've been around music my entire life along with Roland and Will. It's one thing to listen but when you make it, when your in control, it's nobody but you guys and the engineer in the studio, that's when music really begins to take me away." The Archetypes also cite influences from legendary bands and artists such as Lakeside, Lamont Dozier, The Spinners and Robert Glasper. "It doesn't end there though," adds John. "Me and my partner J. Grand, together we are known as The Executive Council, we are avid anime lovers and have a pretty decent size collection of anime. We believe that hip hop doesn't have a set sound and that it shouldn't be defined by certain logistics. We like to take the ending and opening themes of animes and chop them into records. I know it sounds crazy but the end result is phenomenal."

"Fresh," says John of the groups overall sound. "Music is starting to become like the dunk contest now. Everybody has already done this and that so it challenges the new generation to find their own lane and that is why we love music because of that challenge." Despite months ahead of its release, The Archetypes are currently gearing up for a landslide of projects ranging from two mixtapes (C.L.A.S.S.I.C. & 24 Hours Away), one EP (The Jake Arnold Project), and a album (Origins Of Existence). "As far as the mixtapes go you'll really get to hear the down to Earth side of us." says John. "The album and EP, those are projects that have to be, no, will be bigger than the mixtapes." adds John with a mischievous grin. "The album and EP will definitely define what The Archetypes are about as a group. The fusion of eastern and western music all in one. It's about meeting the challenge and surpassing the goal."

Daring and bold, The Archetypes are out to make waves with a never before heard sound of their own that combines music from all over the world into one collection. "A culturally infused hip hop group is the best way to describe us. We just hope others in our generation take on the challenge as well. The difference is we want to be at the forefront setting the example," says John. Now there's an archetype for you.