The Argentine

The Argentine

 New York City, New York, USA

The Argentine is a 5 piece band from Brooklyn, whose debut produced and recorded by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) is now available. The music is influenced by the writing of Luis Borges and Gabriel Marquez, the paintings of Otto Dix, the music of Tom Waits, and the operettas of Kurt Vile.


The Argentine was formed in 2009 and played several shows under the name Teru'ah including Piano's NYC, Maxwell's, Arlene's Grocery, and Rockwood Music.
The debut record, which is available at, has been described as "...something William S. Burroughs might have had in his car while waxing lyrical."
The follow-up EP, scheduled to be released in full in early May, is a slightly more aggressive work with a bolder perspective on a similar world described by M. Cades in the debut.


The Argentine 2011

Set List

Red Flesh
Blue Skin
Dead Waltz
A Song for David Yow
17th Parallel
Northern Song
Bolivar's Last Days in Exile
How it Ends
The Vicious Peach