The Aristocracy

The Aristocracy


Parliment meets Prince while getting into a fight with Led Zeppelin as Frank Zappa watches.


With the release of their self-titled debut album, the Aristocracy is poised at the forefront of the local and national music scene. Their unique sound, described by frontman Chris LeBrane, as taking "the guitars of Zeppelin and Hendrix, mixing it with the drumming of Tower of Power and Dream Theater, rolling it in all things Prince and Zappa, and topping it off with a light humor sauce," makes this trio a force to be reckoned with. The Aristocracy blends classic rock, metal, and electronica into an eclectic fusion of hardcore funk. In 2004, LeBrane, the energetic showman, lead vocalist, bass and keyboard player, and main creative force behind the Aristocracy teamed up

with Pete Lutringer, the quiet and mysterious guitarist and Chase Richard, the wild and crazy drumming phenomenon. The three met and became good friends while going to college in Winter Park, Florida where they discovered a mutual musical interest. Pete, Chase, and Chris started out jamming at open mic nights at various local bars. The guys noticed their uncanny knack for being able to create funky hooks, riffs, and amazing solos and thus the Aristocracy was born.

They have performed in and around all of Orlando and extensively throughout the Central Florida area at open mic nights, crowded college bars, and smokey dives, as well as bigger venues like Hard Rock Live and House of Blues. But no matter what the venue, no matter how big or small the audience, the Aristocracy puts on a remarkable show. Audiences not only love their distinctive and extensive sound, but also the entertainment an Aristocracy performance inevitably includes.

The respect given to them from other local bands is unparalleled. These guys rarely have to pursue gigs because the gigs come to them. New bands, promoters, and venues incessantly call to book the Aristocracy. Everybody, it seems, wants to play with these guys because they recognize the Aristocracy has exactly what it takes to make a show rock the house.

Their debut album was recorded at Autocratic Records' Studio in Orlando, FL and the Fort Studios in Winter Springs, FL.


The Aristocracy (self-titled debut album)

Set List

Set: 30-45 min.
Third Rock
Wet Floor
Trippin' Steps
Coming From Me