The Arithmetic Danger Club
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The Arithmetic Danger Club

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Musical Mixed Bag"

Eugene prides itself on its ability to engage, accept and appreciate all walks of life. Nowhere is community and camaraderie more visible than in our music scene. Hardworking musicians don't wait for shows to happen upon them; they actively search them out and encourage their musical equals to participate. And we, the community members, are rewarded with a local showcase loaded with diversity. Get ready for The Tunnel Kings, The Ineffectuals, The Arithmetic Danger Club and Blast Wagon...

...If you're worried about too much rock on the horizon, The Arithmetic Danger Club provides some electronica to move to. These UO students describe themselves as a progressive indie rock monster. "Helmets Forever" recalls Super Mario 3 water-level music. It's fun, energetic, silly, but also complex. Layers of keyboards combined with lyrics that prompt you to "…dance the night away" should encourage even the most stubborn of observers to shake it. - The Eugene Weekly


Demo Songs 2007:

Fever Dreams
Helmets Forever



During the daytime, Ari, Damion, Eli, and Dorian are your average U of O students. At night, however, when their power rings unite, they become something much, much more: THE ARITHMETIC DANGER CLUB, the electronic progressive indie rock monster that terrorizes the city of Eugene. They have already ravaged and destroyed such venues as The WOW Hall, Diablo’s Downtown Lounge, Tiny’s Tavern, Agate Hall, and Cozmic Pizza. Be forewarned, this grotesque creature can be distinguished by certain physical abnormalities. Far from human, its two arms resemble the guitar of Ari Werthamer and the bass of Eli Werthamer. Its legs consist of Damion Winship’s drumsticks, which lead up to the tom and snare drum genitals. If you were to dare look at the head, you would see the horrible combination of Dorian Aites’ guitar, keyboards, and synthesizer. This creature does not travel alone, but brings with it a group of over 40 minions to feed off of any remains. If you ever see something that resembles this creature, please run and hide, there is no way to stop it.