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SPECTACLE (spek’te-kel)
1. Something that can be seen or viewed, especially something of a remarkable or impressive nature.
2. A public performance, especially on a lavish scale.
3. A regrettable public display, as of bad behaviour.
4. An impressive or ostentatious exhibition.

The Armadilettantes open with a Stephen Hawking recording announcing that the show is over and everyone should go home. Their first song has a cabaret feel, perfect for the party, which is broken down into a slower, keys-based instrumental section that transitions into my favourite song, ”Haunting the Sky Over the Campbell Valley.” They have their transitions down pat, and it sounds great! Sean Bayntun’s sister Nicole sings harmony for some of the songs, in her burlesque outfit (her stage name is Nicky Ninedoors). After playing a more discordant song called ”I Can Hear Your Face,” it’s Nicky’s turn to dance us to death. She and the guys warn us to clear plenty of space, because “three people died at our last show.” Nicky Ninedoors does marvelous things with her hula hoops, and she wows the crowd with her ellaborate outfits and professional burlesque performance.

After Nicky Ninedoors finishes her dance, the Armadilettantes clear the stage so that lead singer Sean Bletcher can perform a solo acoustic song. There is tremendous response from the crowd, it’s a winner! The rest of the band returns for the rest of the set. I’d have to say that “Guilty Pleasures” is their best live song. At one point, Sean Bletcher tells the audience that “we are all Armadilettantes, but there is one very special Armadilettante in the audience. Adam, come on up here,” he beckons. “It’s my turn?” asks Adam from the crowd, incredulous. As he makes his way through the mob, Sean Bayntun begins to laugh and says, “Oh look, you just happen to have a bass! How fortuitous!” As the band sets up, he tells a joke:

Sean: What’s a pirate’s favourite letter? – Audience: R! – Sean: Aye, you’d think it be R, but it be the C!

The Armadilettantes play their other discordant song, “Pedestrian,” which has a great guitar riff. During the song, Sean Bletcher climbs onto Sean Bayntun’s shoulders and make it all the way through the end of the song before collapsing to the floor. Nicky Ninedoors performs one more dance to “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails, covered by The Armadilettantes. They end their set with “Mandibles,” I’ll tell you one thing and one thing only / It’s better outside than under your skin. Sean Bayntun picks up the synth and rocks it at the front of the stage, dripping with sweat. The room is so humid I regret not bringing an umbrella. Their encore is just as energetic, and I’m still reeling from the show. Sean Bletcher climbs all over the stage and the amps, and it’s a wonder he didn’t break anything.

The Armadilettantes know how to party, so make sure you attend their next show! -

"Armadilettantes: Grrl"

I delight in bands that remind me of many other bands, and The Armadilettantes are a perfect example. “Haunting the Sky Over the Campbell Valley” is my favourite song, and reminds me of Radiohead. “Pedestrian” is another song with stong Radiohead rock influences. Their music has that British feel that is oh-so-appealing, and a great example of this is “Guilty Pleasures.” Their melodies tend towards the eerie, and “Inside-Out Stomach” is a fun blend of light-hearted songs with eerie tunes. Of course, when their MySpace page lists “The noise your oven makes when it’s warming up” as their influence, it’s hard to say whether or not I’m on the right track. Several tracks flawlessly incorporate electric keys and various sounds, and their interesting changes of tune would make them a lot of fun to play on Rock Band. The perfect blend of rock and melancholy, this is one local band that promises to satisfy many musical cravings. -


"Grrl" LP released in October 2009

Web Singles Include "I Can Hear Your Face", "Haunting the Sky Over the Campbell Valley", and "Mandibles"



The Armadilettantes do not take part in standard musical procedures or textbook formulas. Combine a metal-head drummer, a classically-trained pianist, a pop producer on guitar, and a country-rock veteran on bass and the result is surprising. You end up with indie rock that contains a sense of aggression, ingenuity, and clever song writing. This Vancouver-based band has spent the last year cutting their teeth in bars, basements, clubs, art galleries, and the bottom of an abandoned print shop. Their stage show has gained them a reputation for sonic intensity and a propensity for self-inflicted injury. The Armadilettantes are from the future - the future with jet packs, flying cars, and weekly trips to outer space.