The Armadillos

The Armadillos

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Indie-Americana-Bluegrass-Punk; or, 1880's coal-mining music with a dash of FOB accordion and vintage facial hair.


The Armadillos started with a couple of guys from Butler County, PA (the once-crowned "Fattest County in America"). A bass played named Chuck, an accordionist-vocalist named Sheila, and a city named Pittsburgh completed the rest of the picture for The Armadillos. They're a fast-paced, melodic, Appalachian-influenced ensemble that, in less than a year, has found a firm niche in both local and not-so-local music scenes. They take pride in versatility, splitting show bills with anything from punk bands to bluegrass groups, and generally getting along with everyone in the process. They boast a wide audience appeal, winning the hearts of both nostalgic senior citizens (as the citizens of Asheville, NC will attest) and rowdy young things (as the regulars at Howler's Coyote Cafe -- their Pittsburgh local -- will enthusiastically agree).

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"Armadillos" (self-titled EP; 2010).

"The Donner Party" single; play on WYEP (Pittsburgh), WRCT (Pittsburgh), WCDB (Albany, NY).

Set List

Typical (45-50 min.) set: "Millie"; "Yorktown"; "It's Not Soft"; "Foggy City"; "Crop Circles"; "Tall, Dark, & Handsome Rag"; "Working Man"; "Please, Please, Eleanor"; "New River Train"; "The Donner Party"

Set lists will often include either one cover (Johnny Cash, "What Do I Care?," Tammy Wynette, "Stand by Your Man") or one traditional ("Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "New River Train," or "Jesse James")