The Armory

The Armory

 Woodstock, Georgia, USA

The Armory is a five-piece Rock/Indie/Alternative band from Atlanta, Georgia.The Armory have shown that they can build a considerably large fan base and are able and willing to compete with some of the bigger names out there. Incorporates soaring choruses with a crisp-clean sound.



VANS WARPED TOUR 2010- CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL 2011- Anberlin- POD- Sent By Ravens- The Almost- This Providence- Doubting Benefit- Anarbor- The Dangerous Summer- There For Tommorrow + MANY MORE.

The Armory (Rock/Indie/Alternative), from Atlanta, Ga, made up of Sean Wheeler (Vocals), Marc Harris (Vocals/Bass), Matt Powell (Guitars), John Patton (Guitars) and Ben Harris (Drums) is rapidly becoming one of the hottest bands on the East Coast. Since their arrival on the scene in May 2009, they have numerous tours under their belt and a high-rising fan base to show for it. They have released two successful EP's, "Sleepwalking to the Ends of The Earth" (September 2009) and "Dynasty" (March 2011), both produced and recorded by Matt Malpass at Marigolds and Monsters Studios. (Rookie of the Year, Copeland, Lydia). Building off of their success with there 2009 release, The Armory's 2011 release, Dynasty has shown the bands maturation as a band over the last two years. Digging into some of their more recent influence and really showing their innate abilities as songwriters.
“This band is one big family,” says drummer Ben Harris. “We like to believe that there is no band that works as hard as we do (promoting, touring, pre-production, etc.). We are five dedicated individuals and we all truly believe in the music that we play. The songs on this record are only the beginning of the imprint that we plan on leaving in the music world.”

The music is all of the proof necessary to know which direction The Armory is heading. With catchy, gripping choruses, driven, energetic guitars/drums and a vocal duo of Marc Harris and Sean Wheeler, they demonstrate the talent that lies within the band to the fullest. From their hit single, "Burn the City Down" to the Indie driven song " This Life" The Armory is showing that they have what it takes to make it in the music business for years to come.


2009- Debut EP- " Sleepwalking to the Ends of the Earth" Released September 18, 2009 through all online distribution agencies (ITUNES, Amazon, etc.)

2011- " Dynasty" Releasing March 1, 2011 through all online distribution agencies, best buy, etc.

Set List

Cover Sets:

We have 5+ hours of cover material ready to go at any moment. Please email us @ for a complete list of songs we do.

Original Sets:

Typical Set List is approximately 25-30 minutes long (7-8 Songs) Sets can be adjusted to go longer depending on the demands of the venue.

This Life
Hell or High Water
Burn The City Down
Just Breathe
You Came to Me