The Artful Vandelays

The Artful Vandelays


Alternative indie rock that is both ethereal and fiery. Fans have been enticed by the band's ability to create genuinely unique and exciting alternative rock. The Artful Vandelays continue to draw increasingly large crowds in Toronto and southern Ontario.


2008 was an eventful one for the Artful Vandelays. Hard gigging in Toronto (as well as the occasional show outside of Ontario) brought increasingly large crowds out to see them as word began to spread about the band`s remarkably unique and engaging sound. Recent shows have included headline slots at Lee's Palace and the Velvet Underground.

Echoing the energy of At The Drive In, Fugazi, and the Mars Volta, but recalling the passionate emotion of Travis and Radiohead, the band has evolved into a lean, mean prog rock machine.

Four Ring Circus EP (2009) is already making ripples in Toronto and beginning to spread to other places outside their hometown in southern Ontario. The EP is a testament to the band's unique ability not to sacrifice the quality of songwriting to aggressively experiment with their music. At shows, crowds can routinely be seen singing along to Phone Lines, grooving to Bars to Bars, or simply enjoying the ethereal nature Sign Language and the utter chaos of Pyramid Scheme.

Four Ring Circus has already begun to sell well among indie rock crowds and the band plans to continue playing shows as often as possible to showcase not only the EP`s material, but that which has been written in the past year, since the recording.

With an EP selling well above the band`s expectations, regular features in indiepress, a sponsorship deal with a local brewry, and a setlist that is becoming increasingly exciting and intense, the most exciting part of the Artful Vandelays looks like it's just around the corner.

"The way they try to blend spacey melodies with rage and power is definitely something to keep an eye on." - Herohill

"The great thing about the Artful Vandelays is that with a singer like Anton they have a special dynamic with a strong vocalist singing ahead of a progressive/art punk guitar work from Pinkus." AW Music


Sign Language

Written By: Anton Hyginus

only one condition
you must never wake up
with yesterday on your mind
this is my confession, i had thought
that i was blessed with good sense
people often hide
the tears that are dripping from their eyes
so it's no big surprise that you should act like you're so tough

your heart beat like mine
then skipped a beat and faded
to make it - you should breathe

take a rubber-banded hand
and make a beggar of this man
peel my heavy, calloused skin
and leave me hanging from
your strink

oh how your star
has shone it's life away
and made the rest
seem less splendid
speak your mind
without a single word
read the signs


Written By: Jonathan Pinkus

I don't know where the road ends.
Or where to admit defeat.
I won't admit the standings, but I will not take a seat.
You've fucked with me the last time, and your lectures are made of glass.
But I won't let you walk on while I'm stuck here in the past.

You have made a mark on my skin, but this only goes skin deep.
When I say goodbye this time, you'll know I'm going to leave.
You let me go and reeled me back in, but sorry dear it's too late.
You kept me in your pocket, i t was just for keepsake.

You'll keep me under wraps, until my time is up.
Then you'll loosen my puppet strings until you know you've had enough.
You can't make up your mind, and I can't understand.
Well it's fine just take your time, because I've got other plans.

I've barred out all the windows, I've written out my fate.
All investments keep me here, prevent me from escape.
So every time I think I'm free, you'll put me in my place.
this isn't who I am, it's more than I can take.

You have made a mark on my skin, but this only goes skin deep.
When I say goodbye this time you'll know I'm going to leave.
You let me go and reeled me back in, but sorry dear it's too late.
You kept me, I always knew that it was fake.

Pyramid Scheme

Written By: Anton Hyginus, Jon Pinkus

Once in the sky,
A strange shape,
the air outside, alive.

A bright light,
on a clear night,
Like fiction.
Like folklore.

What if I find that I was right?
Maybe something, someone survives.

You may be right,
but you're not sure.
You rule it out,
must be fiction.

They show you life,
you drop the veil,
nothing to hide,
but we can't go near.

No more bodies, burnt up steel, or signs of wreckage, signs of knowledge.

You couldn't find a way to write the books on Stonehenge.
When you tried to guess you failed.
You wouldn't let us know, like we'd forget New Mexico.
So we cannot see.

Put into focus, it seems so blurry,
we can't decide.
But maybe, we're almost ready
to use our reason, to trust our minds.

No matter who's right why do you believe that we are exclusive?
Just give it a chance, give it a chance.

You buried the signals,
you gave it no chance.
Dressed secrets, as logic, to cover your trails.
So don't wash, your hands, they won't come clean.

It's only more time, it's only a matter of time.


The Artful Vandelays - (s/t) - 2007
Four Ring Circus - January 2nd, 2009

Set List

Sign Language
Pyramid Scheme
Phone Lines
Bars To Bars
Mr. Falcon

Set lists can be 30-40 minutes depending on if we are doing support or headlining.