The Artillery

The Artillery

 Round Rock, Texas, USA

The Artillery isn't just one specific genre of a band. They maintain a unique sound, while creating diverse songs with individuality. They are focused around the Alternative genre.


The Artillery is a four-piece band formed out of Round Rock, Texas. They have been together since 2000, playing shows regionally since 2002, and nationally since 2006. Hailing from a suburb of the ‘music capital of the world’, Chris Ellis, a swagger-savvy drummer, and Jonathan Macias, a natural born rocker, together were urged to start a rock band. After trying out several unfit candidates, they came across a talented voice that went by the name Dean Danger. Chris Reyes, another local artist, had proven to be the missing link needed in order to bring The Artillery to their full potential.

Now that they were fully staffed, they began to write songs that combined energetic guitar leads with catchy vocals. The Artillery recorded their debut E.P entitled ‘Fear is In’ with producer Paul Soroski, releasing it on June 24, 2007. Throughout ‘Fear is In’ there is a recurring theme of determination, strength through struggle, and an unwavering will to overcome any obstacles. The E.P serves as a hard-hitting introduction for a band destined for bigger things. Following the release they toured regionally making a name for themselves across the Lone Star state.

Shortly after ‘Fear is In’ was finished they continued writing relentlessly, in order to finish their first full-length album entitled ‘Kings of the World’. After 2 years in the making, ‘KOTW’ has a diverse blend of genres showcasing their ability to write songs that can appeal to anyone. ‘KOTW’ sends a message of breaking boundaries, getting out of monotonous situations, and exploring life on your own terms. After its release on June 26, 2009, their popularity only continued to soar, this time through the Internet, collectively selling over fifteen hundred albums on iTunes and other various online media retailers. The Artillery also reached the #14 spot out of thousands in an online battle to play at the Austin City Limits festival.

The Artillery has since self-recorded a new full-length concept album called ‘Lighthouse’. This album follows a man named David Archer, telling a harrowing tale of a man lost at sea, and shares in his attempt to find his way home; this story, like many others, has a variety of lessons and emotions up for interpretation by the audience. While every song lends itself to Archer’s story, The Artillery does not have any trouble standing alone and remaining enjoyable despite the context of the album. When listened to in its entirety ‘Lighthouse’ takes on you on an audible journey through the power of love, the hint of hope, and the trials Archer struggled through desperate to return home and continue his life where it left off. The Artillery strives for hope, not only in ‘Lighthouse’, but within their musical existence as well. ‘Lighthouse’ was released on August 24, 2012, and with it, The Artillery embarked on a new leg of their sole journey: to share the music they love to create with anyone they can.


'Lighthouse' - 2012
1. Intro
2. Ink to Paper
3. Take a Mile
4. Wrench in the System
5. The Beast*
6. The Dark*
7. Make Believe It's Real
8. Red Lights for Blue Eyes
9. The Eighth Day
10. See the Light**

'Kings of the World' - 2009
1. Let's Escape*
2. When We Were Young
3. The Letter
4. This One's for Frankie*
5. Liars&Lovers*
6. I Might Be Wrong**
7. A Slave in the Body
8. Kings of the World**
9. Secrets Don't Make Friends
10. Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee**
11. We Can Dream

'Fear Is In' EP - 2007
1. The Hunt
2. Make It Reality**
3. Other Side**
4. Tempest
5. Smell of Death (On Your Breath)
6. Tall Tale Night*
7. Manifesto*

All available for streaming on Spotify.
Available for digital purchase nearly everywhere.

Set List

30min. Set List -

Let's Escape
This One's for Frankie
The Dark
Wrench in the System
See the Light

45min. Set List -

The Dark
Let's Escape
The Beast
Red Lights for Blue Eyes
The Letter
I Might Be Wrong
The Eighth Day
See the Light

60min. Set List -

The Dark
Let's Escape
This One's for Frankie
The Letter
I Might Be Wrong
Red Lights for Blue Eyes
Take a Mile
Other Side
Chuck Norris Vs. Bruce Lee
The Eighth Day
See the Light

(Encore - Kings of the World)