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A Gentleman's Agreement (2009)



Human beings are merely another species treading the vastness of our Earth, the same as any other animal. Born of carbon, we breathe the same air. We flourish from the same water. We follow these cycles of life, these pre-charted voyages from origin to destination, just like any other life-form. However, there is something that sets humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Deep within the human persona lies this uncanny enigma; the effect and expression of emotion. People have feelings, powerful notions from within, that cause us to act on a logic that is often incapable of being conveyed. It is upon this foundation of internal passion that The Art of Attraction conceived their music. A wedlock of ambient texture and driving rhythms moving ever forward, The Art of Attraction teem with an indescribable sense of lucid intensity. The band seems to transcend the standards, or lack thereof, of today's scene, and focus entirely on the deliverance of their music.

The contextual thickness of their debut album, A Gentleman's Agreement is at a caliber of maturity far beyond what any would expect from a band that formed in late 2007. There is no mistaking the lyrical mastery of syntax and rhetoric, or the sophisticated instrumentation that flows through the album. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that no track is unworthy of its place within the album. In fact, as the entire album is the narrative and dialogue of a World War II novel, each and every song is essential to the plotline of the story. A Gentleman's Agreement is the first and foremost of a series of five albums that will be released in secession, to narrate that story. It acts as a foreword and synopsis to the tale, which will later be followed by four albums that elaborate the lives of the four main characters.

It is rare to see a band, particularly a young one, that accepts the rigor and challenge of a concept album, but The Art of Attraction have done so dutifully and beautifully. This album is both inspiring and gripping, so much so that each and every listener will be immersed in the depths of passion that these four gentlemen have cast. You will feel love, and loss, sympathy and sadness, loathing and betrayal. You will feel a lust, like the characters, for ever-more aural pleasure. And the boys of The Art of Attraction will be happy to oblige.