The Art of Killing a Copy Machine

The Art of Killing a Copy Machine


Stark contrast between chaos and melody. We are passionate and aggressive. Electronic noises with group vocals and guitar heavy riffs. Imagine an indie band, a punk rock band and a computer that had thier DNA fused together. We are constantly changing.


We just got together one day and started to write all this weird music, then slowly we became more focused and started to really like the stuff we wrote. We write songs that we like. One song might be some piano ballad and the next one might be some breakcore electronic thing with a bunch of crazy guitar and screaming.

We are pretty much influenced by anything and everything.

We are a newer band but we have experience and are hard workers.

Right now we are working on writing songs, getting them recorded and booking shows.


Nothing yet but we are working on a demo.

Set List

We can do any length pretty much but a lot of our songs are pretty short. We might do a cover song every once in a while but almost nobody knows the bands that we cover.