The Art Of Shooting

The Art Of Shooting

 New York City, New York, USA

These Brooklyn dream-punks forge an auditory surge that is artful, melodic and full of vocal harmonies.


A basement with no windows saw the birth of songwriting that came from the overactive pelvis, and a love of the ugly and loud. Out of that Brooklyn dungeon arose THE ART OF SHOOTING and their debut full-length Traveling Show, out April 27, 2010.

The Brooklyn dream-punks forge an auditory surge that is artful, melodic and full of vocal harmonies. Aggressive, dissonant lullabies are mixed with hints of PJ Harvey, Blonde Redhead and Polvo.

Traveling Show is an intensely personal work for The Art Of Shooting’s singer/songwriter/guitarist Kelly Irene Corson, who growls, shrieks and hums with a vibrato vocally evocative of Siouxsie Sioux and Chrissie Hynde balanced with the tenderness and vulnerability of St. Vincent and Feist.

Download "The Birdcage" from Traveling Show HERE.

This album is a documentary nod to Corson’s self- discovery of her truths. Lyrically and dynamically, Traveling Show is a raw look at life. “Truth till it can be humiliating,” attests Corson. “It’s empowering to show your imperfections as a point of pride in who you really are.”

Traveling Show was produced by both Paul Mahajan (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio, Liars, The National) in Brooklyn and Keith Souza (Battles, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Lightning Bolt) in Pawtucket, RI.

“This album has been a series of humbling miracles from beginning to end,” sums Kelly Irene. “Though it’s tested the ends of my patience, self-esteem, and faith not only in other people, but also in myself, at this moment, I'm as proud of it as I'll ever be.”

TAOS also have a 5 song EP, Tyrant’s Black Eyes, available through the Ace Fu Family Business label.

Traveling Show hit the streets on April 27, 2010.

“(The Art of Shooting) transform formative and sometimes painful life experiences into melodramatic indie rock songs.”
- Alana Harper, WNYC Music Hub

"The Art Of Shooting juxtaposes dreamy shoegaze with crunchy, epic rock,”
- Time Out New York

""On 'Traveling Show'… Corson channels her Tanya Donelly as a wickedly operatic Siouxsie or Amanda Palmer."
- Tina Benitez, NY Press

“These dynamic tuned, jerky rhythmed, acerbic tongued, goth tinged, two girl/one boy Brooklyn art punks might've fit right in on Rough Trade in 1980, or opening for Siouxsie a few years later.”
- Village Voice

"shoegaze punks"
- Kirk Miller, Metromix

"Eerie, unearthly melodies promise to haunt your dreams."

“Simultaneously accessible and unique.”
- BabySue Music Review

“Singer/guitarist KELLY CORSON can go from a whisper to a scream at a moment’s notice.”


"Traveling Show" full length EP \ released April 27, 2010
Listen at

5 song "Tyrants Black Eyes" ep, produced by Paul Mahajan available now.
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Set List

All originals.
The Birdcage
No 12
Traveling Show
It Goes (Home)
One Minute Love Song
Your Big Hands
120 Man