The Art Of Shooting

The Art Of Shooting


Four piece guitar and vocal driven rock band with flavors of Polvo, Modest Mouse, and Siouxsie. Honest, direct, demanding, and sweet.


In the tradition of the LES dirty days, The Art Of Shooting is an experimentalist dirty rock band aiming for minimalist compositions and unexpected melodies. This band of four primal females are unafraid to tackle the ugly sounds and make you fall in love with words you'd never hear from your lover. A distinctive blend of Detroit Rock, Polvo, Joy Division, Lullaby, and call and response allow this Williamsburg band their own niche in the upcoming dirty rock scene.



Written By: The Art Of Shooting

You're unbelievable
The Way you're walking around
Without your glasses on
Relying on my voice for the sound

You should come home with me
It's kinda dark in here too
We'll shut the lights off
Close the door
And get you in the mood

Half of them down
Half more to go
You sure got a good lookin face
Turn the lights down
Tear me apart
Cuz I won't remember your name
Half Of them down
Here in the dark
You playboys are all the same
Turn the lights down
Tear me apart
Cuz I won't remember your name

We;ll keep it nice and wet
Little foggy may seem
Forget your teeth now
We'll use your fangs
Little sharper maybe

Lost In Boredom

Written By: The Art Of Shooting

You've never wanted me around too much
You've always wanted me to leave
The footfalls and the pitterpats on the stairs were you coming to excuse me
But I could fall in love with you inside a minute you know
But I've a hell of a pokerface and it's starting to show

There were more than stars on your shoes that night on my kitchen floor. I could have followed you around by the skin of my neck but you'd never even known.

Lost In Boredom
Electro (rpt 3x)

She would dance around the room with her hands in front of her face
She'd stick her face in the speakers until she was erased
If you find this amusing
I can try and imitate
But these six years will not replace

Lost In Boredom
Lost In Boredom
I'd hit the bottom and
Lost In Boredom
Swim under the tip of you

I could fall in love in a minute you know


Demo available upon request.

Set List

"I Always Win"- 1:37
"Blackout"- 3:38
"Sit and Chat" 3:50
"They, Raging"- 4:00
"He Spoke Japanese"-3:30
"Spare The Rod" 2:10
"Lost In Boredom"-3:45

7 songs, 25 minutes maximum, no covers.