Theary the ultimate triple threat trio ready to grace the airways with amazing vocals, stunning looks, and a unique blend of R&B/Pop. More songs available upon request.


Music fans can only speculate what new female groups attempting to emancipate a revolution of platinum selling hits will emerge in 2006. Forecasting a consistency of albums without members flying solo and with unparalleled talent, there is no doubt that the arising new trio Theary brings back the true essence of what female groups are all about, incorporating just the right amount of old school formula mixed with new,
creating a new unique cross-over sound between R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop that cannot be touched.

Theary is the innovation of Strictly Held Exclusive, a New York based management firm. In search of its perfect girl group and after holding countless auditions Arielle Fahrner became the first member of the group. Though the search was slow for the next two members, Arielle patiently waited for perfect compliments until Eileen Unterbrink, and making the band 3 finalist Yahaira Vargas arrived to complete the trio masterpiece. “This is what it’s all about. Arielle: “Theary has been on such an emotional journey to complete this group, but it all make sense now, referring to Yahaira discovering her by a chance meeting after several disappointing member changes in the beginning stages of formulating the trio. Yahaira only then enhanced the chemistry that was already here. The first time we ever went out together we laughed the entire time. She’s so full of life and we couldn’t be happier with the talent brought of our group.” says Eileen. ”I love it when people assume that we all grew up together. You can’t deny the chemistry and energy Theary has. We all feel that this is exactly where we belong,” says Arielle.

The beautiful sultry singers credit individual style and diversity to define their unique sound. Arielle the blonde bombshell from South Jersey brings to the table just a touch of funk mixed with soul from such influences as Aretha Franklin, Regina Belle, and Tina Marie. Eileen the Filipino soprano defines true versatility fluctuating between notes somewhat reminiscent of a young diva in training and Bronx born Yahaira who is Dominican and Puerto Rican, mezzo powerhouse voice brings just the right edge to complete the trio’s cross-over resonance.

So what’s the Theory behind Theary? Well just ask super producer Ron G who has produced hits for Trey Songs, R.Kelly, Fat Joe, and J.Lo just to name a few. He surprised Theary with some heavy hitting tracks like “Just Don’t Stop” their club anthem, and “Fantasy” the ultimate hip-hop love story.

It’s only a matter of time before you hear Theary’s name and music in heavy rotation on radio stations across the globe. These ladies are screaming for success and are more than ready to suit up for a real heavy weight fight. Theary is raw, versatile a true triple threat in action, and know the meaning of a stellar performance. “Our main goal is to create music from the heart, speak the universal language of love and music across the world that relates to everyone.


Radio Play Hot 97 Fantasy Remix
103 Los Angeles
Black Jam radio

Set List

Sets are up to 30-45 min pending performance requirements.
Number of songs: 4-6
All original music includes backup dancers
Larger venues themed performances.