The Ascent of Everest

The Ascent of Everest

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

lush strings and vocals soar over an ocean of ambient shoegazy waves punctuated by bombastic explosions of bizarre noises and heavy drums. the chatter of subtle electronics murmur of a psychedelic classical pulse as you reach new strange destinations and characters.


As anyone fortunate or canny enough to witness The Ascent of Everest’s symphonic post-rock in a live context can attest this Nashville eight-piece are something of a beautiful anomaly in the underground music world; producing delicate, sumptuously layered compositions that owe as much to the avant-garde of classical music as to anything originating from the realms of rock, AOE weave their aural landscapes with a deft, elegiac grace that more often than not packs a real emotional punch.

‘From This Vantage’, the band’s second full length album, continues where its predecessor left off, deploying a range of unconventional instrumentation such as violin and cello to sidestep the typical constructional constraints of instrumental rock. Think of a more adventurous take on latter day Mono, or Jonny Greenwood collaborating with Sigur Ros... This is tremendously atmospheric, cinematic music that will probably beguile as many as it will charm. Listeners are advised to listen through ‘From This Vantage’ from beginning to end, as these eight tracks together form an unmistakable journey, latter sections incorporating sparing bursts of heavy guitar to add an extra power to the album’s dizzying peaks and troughs. Ethereal vocals, unpredictable song structure; we can’t recommend that you check out The Ascent Of Everest enough if you’re after a challenging, intellectually and emotionally rewarding listen.

Formed in Nashville TN in the spring of 2005, AOE has released three records, toured the US and UK, and played countless regional shows sharing the stage with A Silver Mt. Zion, Cannon Blue, Tides, Kayo Dot, Sparrows Swarm and Sing, This Will Destroy You, Giant, Bloody Panda, Balmorhea, The Whigs, Rinoa, Lattitudes, Sons of Noel and Adrian, and Bloodiest. The band is currently planning to tour the US and Europe in support "From This Vantage" out June 1st 2010 on CD from Shelsmusic Ltd & on limited edition 180 gram colored vinyl from Futurerecordings.

“The songs communicate sentiments that simply cannot be put into words.”

- Performer Magazine

"TAOE possess a classicism that genuinely sets them apart from so many of their supposed peers"

- Rock Sound Magazine

“TAOE’s always lovely orchestral-rock tunes will break your heart if you let them; cello and violin mixed with brass and more (as well as the usual guitar/bass and drums) give them the ability to create moments of epic noise as well as the intimate, gentle swirls they do so well. This album gives you the full sweep of their abilities and shows them off brilliantly, making you want to come back for more over and over again."

- Emma Gould - Room 13

Think of a more adventurous take on latter day Mono, or Johnny Greenwood collaborating with Sigur Ros... This is tremendously atmospheric, cinematic music that will probably beguile as many as it will charm.

- Rob Sayce - Subba Cultcha

"As chiming guitars clash with doom-laden cello, shimmering pianos mesh with soaring violins, whilst the masterful rhythm section helps guide the sound to a series of cacophonous and quite often apocalyptic crescendos. Whilst this is ground GSYBE! Have clearly plundered before, TAOE aren’t walking on anyone else’s path, they’re forging their own way to the top."

- Chris Hidden

“AOE has created a unique sound full of swirling textures, intensely beautiful soundscapes, and exploding crescendos.”

- Panoptic Journalism Ltd.

“… string-heavy outfit who’s freely psychedelic post-rock is something like Dirty Three on acid. “

– Nashville Scene

“transports you into a Yann Tiersen film soundtrack, haunting, gripping, and always just a little unsteady”


"The segues are often huge and greatly overlapping, which results in some extremely cinematic or cathartic passages… Undoubtedly this is one of the better instrumental releases from the U.S. in 2006, if not the world at large."

– Jordan Volz - Silent Ballet


"How Lonely Sits the City" - 2006
"How Lonely Sits the City (remastered)" - 2008
"We All Inherit the Moon (split LP)" - 2009
"From This Vantage" - 2010

Set List

All Original Songs

"Alas! Alas! The Breathe of Life!" - 12:39
"As We Watched the City Burn We Trembled..." - 7:45
"Molotov" - 8:54
"Threnody" - 11:19
"If I Could Move Mountains" - 12:58
"Journey Forever Long" - 10
"The Sea Rose Up" - 8