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"Punk Globe Review of The Ashamed S/T"

"This Richland, Washington band on a local label takes off in a lot of different directions, underscoring its steady screaming hardcore thrash punk roots. Nice and clean angry sound. I loved "Dead Janitor Mercenaries." "Learning" chugs along in an accordion of cascading lyrics--it's bouncy and fun! "Accomplice" is complicit and keeps the tempo fast. "Removal Process" swirls like an asteroid in orbit. "Outdoors" swoons swoops and dips, while "On The Take" is intricate and involved. "Unseated" shows real minor chord mastery. "The Lift" is uplifting in its righteous political denunciation. "Down There" is impatient and nervous -- what a treat! "Perps" hangs rightfully creepy as it speeds away. "Patty Melted" humors the listener, and "Separate" is a profile in alienation. "Radiation Reject" . . . major meltdown time. "Overdog" -- really cool choruses buzz saw frontal relentless attack. Comes with bonus track, "Waste of Time" -- I think it's called. Keep an eye out for this band."
- Carl Macki, Punk Globe

"Street Voice UK Review of The Ashamed S/T"

"This fourteen track album is an energetic and angry punk rock release with a bit of rockabilly thrown in here and there. The Ashamed have been compared to the likes of Dead Kennedy's which I think is a little off mark as their sound is far heavier. I'd say a more likely comparison is Final Conflict to be honest. Still that's just nit picking as others will find other comparisons. What you do get is something cool musically and with it straight to the point lyrics which are delivered with passion. There's some decent songs on here which include 'Accomplice', 'On The Take' and 'Patty Melted'. Fans of hard edged American punk will like this as these are certainly one of the better bands in that region playing this style of punk rock. 8/10"
- Steve, Street Voice UK Music Magazine

"AMP Magazine Review of The Ashamed S/T"

The Ashamed is a thrash punk rock band from Richland, WA. Their self-titled record includes 14 intense tracks in the vein of Dead Kennedy's meets Slayer. Pounding guitars meet pounding vocals. Definitely something that would have been huge at 924 Gilman in the early 90's. Lyrical content ranges from jokester to socially aware. A solid pick up for anyone stoked on late 80s thrash. These guys do it well. - S.M., AMP Magazine #37

"Punk Rock, Hardcore, and Ska Music Review of The Ashamed S/T"

the ashamed hailing from richland washington is a brutal mix of hardcore thrash and punk that sounds alot like newer suicide machines albums before they broke up and without the ska edge,funny enough joe the lead singer's voice sounds alot like jason narvarro from suicide machines/hellmouth fame as well,this is a hardcore thrash band with a message of politics in their music and attitude with intelligence attached,so pick this album up along with other releases on unrepentant records.AND THRASHAHOLICA!
- b., Punk Rock, Hardcore, and Ska Music Resource And Review


Three-track demo, 2006
15-track, self-titled album, 2008



Described by reviewers as a combination of The Dead Kennedys, Pantera, and Slayer with rockabilly undertones, THE ASHAMED's angry thrashabilly assault is the antithesis to pop-punk songs about unicorns and rainbows, countering with songs of disillusionment and social and economic struggle.

Influences include Diddly Squat, Dead Kennedys, Slayer, Poison Idea, Reverend Horton Heat, Christ On A Crutch, Minor Threat, Portrait Of Poverty, Zeke, NO means NO, CKY, Old Metallica, Hank The III...