The Assasinators

The Assasinators

 Belfair, Washington, USA

The Assasinators are a fast tempo punk quartet. Focusing on lyrical content that forces the listener to question all propaganda that is fed to us by the media and our own government. The Assasinators put on one of the most assaulting stage shows around.


The Assasinators formed in the spring of 2004. They released their first album "Rumors of Wars" in 2008 and recently released their follow up album "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here" April 2010. With their first West Coast Tour behind them, they are ready to take on the world. The Assasinators have shared the stage with many of Punk Rocks Legends, like The U.K. Subs, Dr. Know, Raw Power, Agent Orange, The Accused, MDC, Poison Idea, The Dehumanizers, Toe Tag and Butt Trumpet. The punk genre is pretty vast these days, with fast angry music and distortion the only thing in common. The Assasinators attract people from all walks of life, making them difficult to categorize. Aside from dedication and perserverance The Assasinators strive to take their recordings and live show to the next level.


Rumors of Wars (Beer Metal Records) 2008, Weaving Spiders (self released) 2010 Recorded by Mike Herrera of MXPX and Mastered by Stephen Egerton of The Descendents

Set List

Current set list may include:
Divide & Conquere, Econarchy, Got a deal with the FBI, Pathological, Drink-Fight and Fuck (gg allin), Wire Tappers, Rat Patrol, Badge & Gun, Bastards and Byrds, Weaving Spiders, Welfare Checks & Balances, Lock & Load... (end note)... The Assasinators usually play half hour sets, but with 6 years and 2 albums to pull from can play well over an hour if needed