The Assembly

The Assembly

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“THE ASSEMBLY” - Everyone’s talking about “THE ASSEMBLY” a group of artists who are no newcomers to entertaining and music.


Both musically and vocally, “THE ASSEMBLY” covers a wide range of moods and shows a genuine sense of intuitive artistic integrity in their compositions. Just listen to the power and sensititivity in their voices, and you will know why they will receive many accolades by journalists, critics, and their fellow artists after the release of their debut album. Many of the businesses greatest performers will never have a problem working with them, because they are so open and free in their approach to their music while maintaining a constant focus on what they are working on.
“THE ASSEMBLY’S” performances are tight and they prove to be excellent musical technicians in their compositions, and presentational style. The band’s performance styles vary, as one must be very versatile in today’s music industry. This varied quality gives “THE ASSEMBLY” a versatility and timelessness that revolutionizes the genre by breathing life into an infectious new sound. From their earliest day, “THE ASSEMBLY” has been preaching and teaching from the heart. Their career is ever growing, and gaining a momentum that will never stop.
“THE ASSEMBLY” is so charismatic that they have enough energy to light up a small town. Now, Guardian Records is proud to announce that “THE ASSEMBLY” is part of their record label, and there is an album to follow the soon to be released single.
It’s no small wonder that “THE ASSEMBLY” is the most promising up and coming act for the new millennium.
The sky is the limit for “THE ASSEMBLY”
Watch them make history!


Road Trip, Be With Me, War Games, I Declare War, Step Lively, Black Rain, Rules of Engagement, Who You Asking, How Many Moves

Set List

Currently have 11 songs. Our sets run approx 1 - 2 hours.