The Assmen

The Assmen


The Assmen are a comedy oriented punk rock band from the rust belt of Erie, Pa. The Assmen originally formed in 1997. The Assmen have many stage props such as plastic ass shorts and blow up dolls. The Assmen live show is one funny night of punk rock incorporated into their very own PORNO PUNK.


The Assmen are an original comedy/punk rock band. Their sound has been descibed as old school, in your face,abrasive,gutterpunk,pornopunk and more by critics such as George Tabb(NY Press,Furious George).Assmen songs make fun of the serious issues of life. Influences of the Assmen are The Meatmen, Mentors, Dictators, Ramones and the Dead Boys. The Assmen have many recordings and releases on various independent record labels worldwide. The Assmen have toured extensively all over the eastern and midwest U.S. The Assmen have played many shows with bands such as The Meatmen, Zeke, the Goons, Dillenger 4, Caustic Christ, Submachine, Beatnick Termites and many more. The Assmen would like to secure a release and/or touring package with a good publicist that specializes in comedy/punk rock.


Enema Nation / 11 song CD / Dirty Records
Burgerbreath / 4 song 7" EP / Intensive Scare
Assmen-Mollies / split 7" EP / Eerie Records

Set List

Set list is normally about 35 minutes long. The Average Assmen set list will consist of one or two cover songs such as "These Boots are Made For Walking" or "Happy Together". All other songs are original songs from the band.

Picking Up The Soap
Living In The Car
I Wanna Date Your Daughter
Latrine Duty
Hot Pearl Necklace
These Boots Are Made For Walking
Adjusting My Nuts
Happy Together
Beer Is Good Food