The Astounding

The Astounding

 New York City, New York, USA
BandRockNew Age

An ice cream cone of catchy rock with a coating of ambient sprinkles. Listening to The Astounding will leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

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Seed and Sow

Written By: The Astounding

Dark rides through streets looking for pleasure's sins to meet
By happy chance of happenstance to reel these eyes in like the sea
I feel it crow but my numbness grows harder then my senses
So I take what I'm lacking ...

When it's all about the feeling of growing up
From seed to sow to redwood I'll know
The poise of the quiet life that I've lost
To go around the kid's carousel just once again

Brother, I can't take away the world
Or stop the ranks from screaming
Like a choir line calling you to blow
Huffing down the sheet to the very edge
You always did it harder than I could at my very best
Do you scream like me?


The Astounding - In My Mind I Can See Everything EP